Mommy Fitness Blog: Partying ALL weekend Long.

November 9, 2010

I partied all weekend long. Read that sentence well as I will probably never type that again. In my earlier twenties, when I was young, independent and single, I used to go out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday sometimes! But these days, you won’t catch me out more than MAYBE twice a year.  And if I am out, it’s because of a celebration of some sort.

The celebration this weekend was our upcoming wedding! It was a long-anticipated-weekend as BOTH my Bachelorette and Bridal shower was held on the same weekend. It first began on Friday evening. We met at a well-decorated suite that was filled with cupcakes, mojitos, wine, cheese, crackers and fruit. Then we all proceeded to the Steak house where I consumed lots of bread, crab cakes, scallops, mac-n-cheese, potatos and a cake. Not to mention lots of wine! My girlfriends made it a point to get me buzzed (not drunk as I HATE being ‘drunk’). It was so much fun sitting at the dining table, laughing, telling jokes and talking about our former flames. Afterwards we danced a bit before heading upstairs for the slumber party! Now, I initially didn’t want a Bachelorette party at all as I’m not into getting crazy drunk, dancing with weird men and partying all night long. I felt that a Bachelorette party was significant of ‘leaving your single-hood’ behind so I decided that having a slumber party would be most fitting as I enjoyed spending the entire night with my friends when I was little: playing games, talking about boys and eating a lot of junk food.

So, that’s what I wanted….and what I got! Except all the games were funny sex games and all our conversations were fueled by pink mojitos.

I went to bed at 3am that night only to wake up at 7:30am the next morning because my internal alarm clock doesn’t allow me to sleep past 8am! So, I got up and went running. YES, you read that right. I went running at the gym downstairs. I had 2 more miles left in my 10 mile goal for that week. My girlfriend Emily, who is also a trainer, was awake too as she had to get to work early. I remember saying to her, “WHO wakes up after a long party to complete a goal the next day?” (because it really wasn’t about the weight loss – it was more about doing what I said I would do.) and she responded, “a Goal-oriented person, that’s who.”

So – there I was, running with a semi-hangover Saturday morning. That afternoon I had to get home to listen to a string quartet that we booked for our wedding ceremony and reception. Afterwards I got ready to get back out to the NPC Bodybuilding and Figure fitness show. I met up with Tanji, Safiya and Zakiya Johnson. (Tanji and Safiya compete) I also saw so many old friends I haven’t seen in a while! There were a couple of people who recognized me from my sites. That was awesome!! I couldn’t stay very long because I had already made arrangements to go out that same night with some of my girlfriends…so we met at a dance club, “The Park Ultra Lounge”, where we drank a bit, danced a lot and laughed a ton. We had a late, late dinner that night at 2am (since I hardly ate all day). I went to bed at 330am that night only to wake at 8am that same day!

So on the following day, Sunday, I started baking early for some of the desserts I had planned for my Bridal shower. (yes I know, you’re not supposed to do anything for your own shower, but the control freak in  me wanted to!) It was exhausting though, so I sorta, kinda, regret it. I showed up a little late for my own party as I had to get both the boys ready since I decided to bring them with me and give David a break (since he’s been with them all weekend). The party was fun – there were lots of food, games and girls. I have to admit though, that I had lost a lot of my voice at that point and was so fatigued that it was almost hard to get through three hours without wanting to nap on the ground in a corner somewhere! Seriously!

So today (Tuesday) was supposed to be my first workout day since yesterday was more my recovery day. I felt really sick most of yesterday, very sleepy, tired and so on. I even had to see my seamstress yesterday bloated 🙁 But, I weighed myself today and I’m totally fine. There was no harm done on my weight. (Thank God because I really let everything go this weekend!)

I couldn’t train this morning because I discovered Christian in bed with vomit all over the place. He also has diarrhea, which tells me he either ate something really terrible or has the stomach flu. Nonetheless, I couldn’t leave my poor baby. I have a lot of guilt issues whenever it comes to leaving my kids, let alone when they are sick! I’m hoping to get something in today though, but I will wait until David is awake so I can get something done.

My goal this week – and for the next three weeks for that matter, is to eat as clean as possible. I will have NO free days leading up to the wedding except for the week before since we have a lot of plans with both our families. In fact, there are so many plans that I’m getting anxiety. I would like to drop 2 pounds though (which I think is reasonable – even though I’m totally fine right now).

So, I will continue my goal to run ten miles total, work glutes twice a week, train abs every day, eat 5 meals a day, eat less carbs in the evening, sleep more and pray!

No dieting this past weekend!

Future Trophy Wife 🙂

at the fitness show.

at my Bridal Shower

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