Mommy Fitness Blog: not posting!?

February 8, 2010

Oh wow. I had to look back on dates to see when I last posted and couldn’t believe it was last Wendesday! I’ve literally been swamped since then. I’ve also noticed that I talk a lot about being really busy all the time…and the truth is, is that I AM! I can’t believe my life sometimes. Somtimes it’s literally hard to get out of bed knowing that there is a list of things of things to do, people to call, articles to write, paperwork to finish, employees to train, things to manage, etc.


But I know that it will all slow down. It always does. My life works in seasons and right now I’m just going! Sometimes my life feels so slow I feel like I’m going crazy! But I think that’s the biggest life lesson I’ve learned (at least one of them ) …I’ve learned to work with my life seasons.

This includes working out. Sometimes I have I am so focused and have all the time to be disciplined and focused…preparing meals and exercising every day…and then there are times like RIGHT NOW when I have to find the time to eat, I definitely don’t work out as much and yet my body feels like its been hit by a bus every day.

I did try to relax a little bit yesterday. I watched the Superbowl…most of it being the latter half. I really liked the commercials…my favorite being the ‘google’ commercial! I ate some chips, but of course, time  is always interrupted when you are with a little 13 month old who loves to walk and cry all the time!

We also went to the zoo! Which was okay…I went to the San Diego Zoo before so anything else looks like a small cage to me.

However, all weekend I did have to work. And I worked! And I am working today…all day!

I have a conference to attend in less than one hour. I am actually supposed to be leaving RIGHT now for downtown! I did manage to do a bit of resistance training when I woke up…and now I am eating a protein shake and oatmeal for breakfast. That might go back to waffles though as I only did that because we were out.

So I plan on updating again later this week – but for right now, I want to send my apologies for not posting more! Look for some reviews and tips this week!


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