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January 3, 2011

YES.  It is officially the New Year and it was evident when I went to go workout this morning. I was planning on training at 5am but my youngest son was up most of the night and it made me VERY sleepy the next morning. In fact, I was deciding whether or not I should also cancel my fitness program with the kids at 7am…but I ended up getting up instead. My ultimate favorite moments with the boys is when they are both sleeping peacefully beside me. So when it’s warm and snuggly with these two little guys it gets EXTREMELY tough to get up in the morning. SO, I ended up going to the program. I am in the process of hiring a new fitness coordinator but decided to be the one in charge for a while as I need to get it back to where it was when I left it – during the holiday season attendance declines and depending on the coordinator, sometimes they aren’t as responsible with managing the kids. Since one of my resolutions this year is to expand my nonprofit, I decided that I needed to get back into the game first hand again and start working with the kids. (It was really tough before because of the kids, other work and holidays.)

So – after the program at 8am, I decided to go to the gym. Now, it’s really tough for me to go after the program because it’s not part of my ‘normal’ schedule. Normally, I wake at 5am, then go to the program, then go home to see the kids before they wake. However, I knew that it would be tough to get a weight training workout in later today AND I knew the kids would sleep in late because of all the waking up episodes last night. And so…I went to the gym and trained my glutes. I did deadlifts, plyometric plie squat jumps, walking lunges with a barbell and lunges to the side. I wanted to do more but the gym seemed to get as busy as it does at night time. In fact, when it was time to do my cardio there was NO cardio equipment available. Not even the ones that really don’t get much use.

I was shocked.

But of course, I’m not that shocked as it is a New Year…

I feel bad saying that the gym will get back to normal around February, but it’s true. Many people start off strong, but start getting weak after a few weeks.

I was working on New Year’s Resolutions with the students this morning and I talked about goal setting …about setting SPECIFIC and exact goals and then creating a deadline when you want to complete them. One student said he wanted to perform a pull up. I asked him how long do people usually give themselves to complete a New Year’s resolution…the answer? One year of course!

And then I added, “if you had a writing assignment due on Dec 31, when would you do it?”

A girl answered, “I’d start doing it but I wouldn’t complete it.”

Another girl noted, “I would do it the night before.”

And I said, “EXACTLY. We are procrastinators by nature. The truth is, is that it really doesn’t take THAT long to complete a short term fitness goal – like a pull up or perfect push up.” I asked them, “How long do you think it will take to perform a perfect pushup if you start training yourself?”

A girl answered, “A month maybe?” And of course, that was true. In fact, by the end of the year, she could be performing 20 or 30 perfect push ups!!

My point is, is that you need to create a deadline that is focused – that is soon – and pair it with a specific goal. One boy wanted to be able to perform a pull up. I asked what his plan was. He then said he would do upper body strength training and push ups. I then asked if he had weights at home (he didn’t) – then he said he could do push ups every morning. BUT, if you want to get better at doing pull ups, then should you be doing push ups?


If you want to get better at performing pull ups, then PERFORM PULL UPS.

Just like if you want to be a better runner, don’t spend hours on the elliptical, RUN.

I advised him to get one of those pull up bars you could place inbetween your door and first hold a pull up, then slowly build to lifting himself up little by little…

New Year’s Resolutions are all fine and dandy. I make some myself. (even though it really is just a part of my quarterly goals I set all the time) However, if you are going to make a New Year’s resolution then get specific. Don’t just say “eat Healthier” – WHAT are you going to eat that’s healthier? What are you going to avoid? Don’t just say lose weight. – HOW much weight. How will you measure it? The scale? Your clothes? A measuring tape? Then, set a goal. Set a DEADLINE that is short term. Set a REALISTIC plan. I say realistic because it’s not realistic to train every day for two hours if you were sedentary for the last year? Start small – and grow from your progress.

This morning I decided to start the year right. I didn’t cancel my program and I worked out despite being incredibly tired. In fact, I still have to finish my cardio tonight since I couldn’t at the gym. Completing goals is simple when you just get it done however you can get it done…

so Good Luck everyone. PLAN out your fitness game plan. I already made my new calendar for the year and will show all of you how I did it later.

Pajama movie party on NYE.

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