Mommy Fitness Blog: my Supplement List.

September 29, 2010

Yesterday we had record breaking temperatures and I was pissed off because I couldn’t train in the morning (due to a bad reaction to a new supplement I am taking). There I was, all warmed up…then all of a sudden, I feel wheezy, dizzy and HOT. I began forming a heat rash all around my ears, arms and legs. I immediately went to my car to consume a granola bar (that I leave in there for Christian) and drink water. I usually train on an empty stomach (even on weight training days) and I knew immediately that, that is what caused the reaction. I’ve never been a big supplement person -or even a caffeine person, which is why I wanted to ‘try out’ something new to rev me up for workouts. This experience should teach all of you that taking supplements is serious stuff. There ARE side effects. Do not underestimate stuff that is sold over-the-counter. I have had friends who had to go to the hospital because of intense heart contractions – for me, I just  experienced a heat rash (or whatever it was!?). But make sure you do a ton of research,  consume it with the right foods (most supplements I consume with food) and be safe.

Which goes to my next topic…

What supplements do I take? (A question I get often) – Well, I take protein. My favorite being Max Muscle High 5 Chocolate flavor. I just down that with water EVERY day. Even when I was pregnant. I work with an awesome guy named Patrick who teaches me how to take my nutrition and supplementation to the next level. I’ve actually referred a lot of people to him! The store I go to is now available online and can be seen HERE. If you want expert advice from a person I trust, you can Facebook Patrick HERE.

In addition to my daily protein shakes, I also consume a multi-vitamin and EFA’s with my shake each morning. (I use the Costco brand). Before workouts, I take Therm X (from Max Muscle) sometimes to give me a boost. Yesterday morning, I had Intek Evolution, which is what caused me to break out in a sweat. That stuff is powerful. I will NEVER consume that on an empty stomach EVER again.

In the next month I will probably start adding Glutamine to my list (for recovery)…but in general, I really do try to keep it simple. To me, drinking protein shakes is the best fat burner. When you need something “extra” for energy, then experiment with some caffeine/fat loss pills. You should ALWAYS consume a daily multivitamin and EFA’s (for healthy fats.)

While I couldn’t train yesterday morning, and instead decided to begin my long task list, I was able to attend my mom-me fitness club, which was good as it got me active and worked my legs. I confess that I DID splurge last night. I don’t normally ‘cheat’ during the week, but I wanted some frozen yogurt so David went out and bought me a Pinkberry! Yum. I love their mango flavor (omg, my mouth just watered writing this. lol)

Right now it is 8:16am Wednesday morning. I am cold because I’m still in my sweaty workout clothes from this morning’s workout. (yay! I made it in!) and now I’m starting to get hungry for my first meal of the day. (which consists of egg whites and toast.) If I have time, I would LOVE to attend a dance class tonight just for some fun, extra cardio.

The scale hasn’t moved since last week. But…that’s what usually happens in my weight loss journey. It doesn’t move…and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, I drop 2 pounds! So, I’m just focusing on how my clothes fit and ‘total inches’ lost versus the scale.

Below are my two basic supplements – you will see that I added my calcium to show y’all that I really DO hate taking supplements! LOL. If I can find a candy version to anything, I’ll buy it~!!!



  • Reply Martha A. January 8, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    Maria all these tips are so helpful!! but I was hoping to see the Nutrition Facts on the back of the supplements. I was just trying to compare to the ones I’m taking right now 🙂

    • Reply Maria Kang January 10, 2013 at 10:27 pm

      Check on their website for nutritional facts…

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