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March 15, 2011

I often write about making your body a “fat-burning machine” – that’s what I tell people whenever they want to see physical results: You have to start making your body responsive by making everything in your life predictable. THIS is why it’s important to have a stable lifestyle…of course stress creeps us on all of us (me especially) so what you should do is train when you know you CAN and plan your meals.  I am decent at the training part but the meals need a facelift. I try to eat at 830am, 1130am, 2pm, 5pm and 7pm but that doesn’t always happen. Mostly because I miss training in the morning and end up doing something in the day – which ruins my eating schedule because I hate training when I just ate or if I’m hungry or if it’s late in the day, etc.

The biggest thing about getting your body to work like a machine is knowing when you will digest. I’m talking #1 and #2.  You should be peeing almost every hour and getting a #2 in at least once or twice a day. (preferably at the same time every day) THIS is when I KNOW my body is working optimally.

However, lately, I know it isn’t because I’m not doing well in that department. In fact, my family and especially my husband knows that I have the WORST digestive system ever. I cannot stand many things (meaning my stomach is very sensitive). I can’t take milk (which means ice cream is absolutely out of the question….except if its a gelato in Rome) AND I can’t stand heavy meats, fake sugars, too much sugars or beer. It is common to see a medicine ball or a dumb bell on my tummy when I’m sleeping or laying on the couch. (no kidding) I just feel like there is so much in there at times and I can’t have a bowel movement without pressure. (I know…TMI) Sounds funny but it’s true.

One time I went to the ER because I didn’t have a #2 for 5 days. I was eating every type of fiber imaginable and it still wouldn’t trigger a bowel movement. I even took laxatives! The doctor told me to exercise, drink more water and eat more fiber. Then he gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. I was so jaded by that experience.

He never asked if I was stressed (which I was) Most doctors don’t realize how much stress really plays into your immune system – and entire system in general.

Anyways – my point is. Is that right now I’m not stressed. However, my body gets stressed when it consumes certain foods so I am trying to get it back on track. I want to start drinking more water, eating more regularly and cutting out all the crap (you know what I mean.) I know when I do that, that my body will start working the way I want it to work. This past weekend I had a “Girls Night Out” and drank more than I usually do. When I go out I usually stick with red wine, but  my girlfriend’s kept buying me sugary mixed drinks (which I usually detest…and my belly does too) so I’ve been recovering for two days from that…that plus a Baptism on Saturday that was followed by a buffet (which again I didn’t eat a lot since I’m pretty good at buffets in general BUT I can always eat better!!!)

Let me reiterate my first point : YOU need to make your body predictable.

So – right now, my eating is starting to get on my track. However, I’m working out at various parts of the day. Sometimes it’s early morning, sometimes it’s almost evening. It depends highly on the kids and how I feel when I wake up at 5am.

I realize that the biggest thing holding me back from being at the gym at 5am is motivation. I don’t have any specific physical goals. I contemplate daily whether we should start “trying” to have a baby now or later this year. I think if I were to get in fabulous shape, I wouldn’t want to be pregnant again. So that is my fear.

My other fear is that I will have a baby much later and will need to compensate by having two so that he/she will grow up with someone else.

Nonetheless, it feels good to have my two sons right now. I would be happy with just them – but I’ve always wanted a big family so I’m sure this isn’t the end.

My goal this week is:

– Perform weight training four times

– Workout six times

– Eat regularly

– Drink more water

– Write down what I eat

– Train my abs more

Here’s a camera shot of Saturday night with the girls

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