Mommy Fitness Blog: my body one week post-preggers!

April 28, 2010

I am really amazed at how much my belly has gone down since giving birth. I haven’t taken any shots these past few days, but I did take a picture exactly one week after giving birth to my second son, Nicholas. The first time I gave birth, I remember my belly going down quite a bit the first week and was almost flat the second week. This time however, it seems that my belly became almost flat the first week! I’m so impressed. So many people are shocked when I tell them I was in the labor room on April 16th.

I don’t follow a specific diet right now – and I am successfully breastfeeding (even better than the first go-around) I don’t plan on cutting my calories or exercising for at least a month…but I am confident I’ll probably lose another ten pounds before that happens.

Here’s my goals for the next week:

1) Drink a lot of water

2) Walk whenever I can

3) Rest!

Here’s my one week post-preggers picture!!!

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