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September 19, 2011

I haven’t been updating a lot lately because of a variety of reasons. The biggest reason right now is because we just moved to a larger house and I have been unpacking, sorting and finding stuff for the past week. Last night I FINALLY completed my office. It was the last on my to-do list. (well one of the last. The last is sorting the boys clothes) So now I am sitting in my new office, with a new desk – and I love it! I love it because it has a TV on the wall, some of my workout equipment and the desk and bookshelves are now espresso colored. So now I am finally typing from my new laptop (thanks hubby) and a clean desk. I have a list of things to do today written down on my pad paper and I am ready to start this week of right! Which also means updating this site AND my other site, which I haven’t done in a month!

My goal is to also workout today. I plan on going at 5ish with my girlfriend, but I am also waiting for our new furniture to arrive so hopefully my husband will be home to open the doors. Tomorrow I have my mom-me club. We moved  a little bit further south from where we were so I can still go in my stroller to the park but I have to walk more, which isn’t that bad as it gives me more exercise.

In terms of exercise, I was able to get to the gym ONCE since returning from Hawaii. After that day we were moving and I was definitely getting my workouts in going up and down stairs, carrying objects, carrying the boys and unpacking. I have SO many books and clothes. I hate it. I wake up sore and tired every day. So I don’t feel bad not getting to the gym this past week because I was doing a lot of exercise in my own casa.

Pregnancy is going well. I am due for a check up this week and I have avoided weighing myself. I feel like I am retaining more water – so I’m trying to drink more water as I forget often. My belly has definitely grown and while people say I ‘look  so cute’ I feel like I’m always tired and sore that I fail to see that.

My goal this week is to get back into the gym. I would like to sleep earlier so I can try and get to the gym in the morning early. I would also like to take the kids out walking more. I know both they and me would enjoy that. Now that things have settled down a bit, it should get easier.

I do feel a constant stress – it’s a bigger house, it’s a bigger mess, it’s more stuff to do and I feel like I lack the support I often need from my spouse. Being pregnant adds additional stress and I detest still feeling like the main caregiver, the main cook and the main cleaner in this house. It would help if he took more initiative.

Other than that – I’m excited for this new week .

A collage of frames on our wall in our new home.

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