Mommy Fitness Blog: Merry Christmas EVE!

December 24, 2009

Hello all!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! This year it’s a bit tough as my mother is back in the hospital. I woke up to a crying mother very early this morning and JUST got home from driving early to the hospital this morning. (It’s 12pm) There are many things to do still. I have presents to wrap and food to make. Each year I make my notorious Macaroni and Cheese, which I will not share the recipe, as it is not very healthy for you! But it tastes delicious! (I eat like 2 bites)

Pregnancy is going well. I’m still quite small. I think the baby may be sitting further towards my back and ON MY BLADDER! I have to urinate often and that gets annoying! I also have a hard time sleeping if I find myself on my back. I still have no cravings – and I probably should be eating better…

Today is a pretty day though. So after I write this and take a quick nap with Christian, I think I may go for a bike ride with him. I believe I have time for a 30 minute nature exercise! That would rejuvenate me a ton.

I will not be posting until next Monday though because I will be busy until then, so I hope everyone has a very happy Christmas and a joyous time with their families.

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