Mommy Fitness Blog: I’ve got super sneakers~!!!!

May 11, 2009

Well – not exactly.!

BUT! I’ve got two new Nike sneakers that I purchased at the outlets this weekend and I LOVE THEM. One is pink, black and white…they are the Nike Shox. The other is a bright orange. YES, I like colorful shoes.

I told David that I like dressing up like a clown at the gym so I don’t get bored! LOL. Actually, it’s sorta true. Most of my girlfriends know me as someone who show sup with a yellow hat, a pink shirt, black capris, blue socks and red shoes. haha. I enjoy being not color coordinated!

When I wear my new shoes it makes me feel so happy – seriously! Little stuff like that can really make the difference. I feel lighter and more motivated.

So! My goal this week is pretty simple.

I WANT TO DROP 2 pounds by Saturday!!!!!

Last week I felt a small wave of depression because my weight hadn’t moved, THEN I find out I got my period! THEN I weighed myself after it was over and I dropped 3 pounds! Darn water weight!

SO – this week, my hormones should be stabilizing more. I shouldn’t have back problems or feel sick. I want to see more progressive physical results so….

1) I want to train at 6am every morning

2) I will train again at night on Wed and Thurs as I enjoy the classes

3) 6 small meals a day! 830am/1100am/1pm/3pm/5pm/8pm

4) Smallest meal is at 5 and 8pm

5) Forcus on cardio

6) Consume at least 1600-1900 calories

7) Drink lots of water!

My first mother’s day!

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