Mommy Fitness Blog: I’m preggers….AGAIN!

August 31, 2009

YEP. You read that right. I am pregnant! We WERE planning to have kids close in age as I was hoping to be pregnant by December…but we definitely didn’t expect to be a few months early!

How do I feel? Honestly, I had mixed feelings.  I felt a little sad because I LOVE my son so much, I can’t imagine anything adding to our family right now, but I was also happy because I knew I wanted kids close in age, and giving Christian a sibling to grow up with would be so wonderful.

Christian is almost eight months now. He’s crawling, standing and making me go crazy with the places he goes when I’m not watching him! I am enjoying every minute of being a mother…the crying…the hair pulling…the dirty diapers…

But honestly, just to brag a bit: We have a really good son. Most people tell us that. They comment on what a happy baby he is, how good he is with strangers, how he never cries, etc.

AND HE REALLY IS WONDERFUL. Absolutely amazing.

I think the greatest compliment I get (besides you look fabulous 🙂 is what a great mother I am. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a healthy and happy child and have others see you as a wonderful mother. Anyways…I had to get those feelings out as I’m very hormonal lately.

So – how has my training changed?

Well, the pregnancy has definitely made me more UNMOTIVATED. After all, my goal isn’t to lose five pounds. I can’t continue working towards hard core abs or a faster running time. When you’re pregnant, the goal is to exercise for the health of your child. Since I’m in my first trimester, I have to be extra careful to not be too intense as I don’t want to have a miscarriage. It’s also really hard to train hard when your TIRED AND SLEEPY all the time. Yep. Fatigue plagues me like no other when I’m in my first trimester.

I was also unmotivated because of my shoulder injury. I couldn’t run because I didn’t want to place too much pressure on my back. I couldn’t weight train. And I was encouraged to stay off of it for at least a month. Which  means I will need to wait at least another 1-2 weeks.

I still worked out lightly though. I train at night with my girlfriend and with my mom-me club. I also started running slowly again. We have a treadmill in my gym area in the garage and I love just hopping on and getting two miles done.

I do have to say that I’m a little nervous about my 2nd pregnancy. While I’m confident I’ll be in incredible shape after giving birth, I’m a little nervous that I will lose a lot of muscle because my pregnancies were so close together. (I was just starting to get my strength back)

This week I am very busy. (as usual) But for some reason, it seems BUSIER than normal. I’m gearing up to leave for a couple weeks so I need to get a TON of stuff done as all my school programs are officially beginning when I get back.  Right now I’m hiring, training volunteers, working with school officials and writing!!!

My goal this week is simple: WORKOUT!

1) Drink lots of water

2) Run 8 miles

3) Weight train 3 times this week

4) Focus on eating healthy


  • Reply sophia June 25, 2014 at 7:05 am

    I know this blog was 5 years ago, but did you have a nanny or a sitter to help you when you were out doing business? I have a 8 mo at home and I’m pretty much full time at home with a few side things going on, but it’s usually late at night when the baby sleeps to get the work/studies done. Thanks.

  • Reply Maria Kang June 25, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    I usually work from 12-4 and 8-12. My husband helps (if he is home) but my schedule is entirely around the kids. I don’t have much down time to watch TV, etc…

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