Mommy Fitness Blog: I’m not eating enough.

May 5, 2009

I’ve got a ton of things to do today:

– go to the grocery store

– write an article

– begin writing a grant

– exercise (chest/abs)

– attend C.O.R.E. club

– meeting with teacher advisor

– update sites

– make a bunch of phonecalls.


I already completed a few of my goals today. I worked out with my Mom-Me fitness club this morning and it was brutal! We did a running HITT workout and I was sweating! We were planning on canceling due to the weather…but the weather shaped up in time for 10am (when we meet). Yesterday, some of us met at the gym to attend our first kickboxing class together. That was fun! Although, I think my body is starting to plateau and getting really used to kickboxing as it is not as hard!

Speaking of plateauing…I am soo annoyed right now. My weight hasn’t changed (it does this every few weeks) and I’m hoping that it will drop dramatically by next week since sometimes it takes a while for my weight to catch up with the changes in my body. I’m training right…eating right…

but the one thing I can definitely criticize is:


Especially since I breastfeed.

So my goal this week is to eat at least 1800 calories every day. (I typically take in aroun 1400) and try to continue not eating past 8/9pm.

I also want to be more intense with my workouts and run at least a couple times a week and not relying too much on classes for my cardio.

Lastly, I need to drink more water.

Here is my schedule:

Sunday: rest

Monday: kickboxing

Tuesday:mom club/chest/abs/cardio

Wednesday: back/kickboxing

Thursday: mom club/ shoulders/stair and zumba

Friday: arms/cardio

Saturday: active rest (we are going out of town so I can’t commit to anything!)


  • Reply Jessica Evanson October 19, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    You are an inspiration!

  • Reply Annu gulati February 6, 2014 at 1:03 am

    You are an inspiration. I am plateauing right now don’t know what can I do?

  • Reply Daphne September 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Maria, I ‘m one of your big fan! And I’m soo proud to share that I have 3 sons like you too. I really love to exercise, I will either go for group exercise or do it at home. But now I’m.having difficulty to make time to do my workout..I get easily tired after cleaning the house..just feel want to ly down after spending time to clean the house,laundry, cooking etc etc…I really wonder how you make and fit your time everyday..with kids to take care, husband, parent, etc…i don’t even hv my own time. Can you share how did you manage your kids, house, husband, etc

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