Mommy Fitness Blog: I’m getting TIRED.

February 17, 2010

Everywhere I go. Baby goes.


He still likes to be carried everywhere. Afterall, he’s only one years old…thirteen months to be exact. And it get’s me tired! Besides him, sometimes I’m carrying my laptop bag, my purse, groceries, etc. I know I shouldn’t be carrying so much stuff, but I am!

I feel pretty good about  my fitness so far this week though! On Monday I worked out to Gaiam’s Fat Burning Bootcamp DVD and it was awesome. I have several new exercises I can start performing with an exercise ball – especially after my pregnancy is over.  The whole program costs $39.98 and is sold through and

My only negative review on this is that while it comes with a balance disk, medium resistance cord, 4-6lb weighted water ball and  customized workout DVD featuring over 25 workout options – the water ball leaks.

I had to use my medicine ball which is about 8lbs (which was great for my arms and shoulders!) Not only did the ball leak, but it took forever to blow up. SO, if you do get this program, get it for the DVD and buy a separate ball.

Yesterday I worked out at the gym and attended my favorite dane class, Dance Party Xtreme. It was definitely hard to go as I was very tired from a long work day, but after I dropped Christian off at my mom’s I knew I had absolutely NO EXCUSE but to train. Of course, being eight months preggers is a great excuse, but not in my world!

It ended up being a great workout. In fact, I think I should workout as much as I can while I have eight weeks left. Everyone thinks a pregnant woman working out is so cute! Seriously! Unless you gained a lot of weight of course – then I guess it wouldn’t be so cute. But if you are rocking a big belly and not too much weight everywhere else, you get a lot of adoring stares and sweet comments.

I always tell people that comments are nice now, but RIGHT AFTER the baby comes out, people look at you and wonder: When are you going to lose that baby weight?

Today I am taking a day off from training but tomorrow I plan on attending that class again. If I train 3 times this week that is two more times than I do on a regular basis. Seriously! I’ve been terrible this past month. However, I’ve gained a healthy 21lbs so far in the pregnancy and I am officially 32 weeks pregnant.

Goals this week:

1) Drink more water!

2) Walk outside when the day’s are nice

3) Workout 3-4 times this week

Taken last week when I was 31 weeks along.

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