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December 29, 2010

At least that’s what my clothes tell me. I had to shop for new workout pants today because I only wear two – one is already getting too loose and the other is almost there. This tells you that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight as you can imagine, I have TONS of workout clothes. Now, I’ve become more selective on the tops and bottoms that I wear. For example, after I give birth I always wear ribbed tank tops. They are the easiest thing to wear when working out as I have not lost all the weight yet (obviously) and they stretch well. After I loose some weight I start to wear my normal workout tops (the ones that are cute, dry fit and name brand) but now that I’ve lost more on my midsection, I don’t like to wear those tops either because the midsection tends to be loose. So, now I need to start wearing stuff that is more form fitting.

Same thing with my bottoms. I have these Nike capri’s I ALWAYS wear when I train when I am pregnant. I still wear it for about a month after I give birth, but now they are just too big. I use more butt hugging capris now…I also wear more pants, which I stopped doing for a bit because I felt fat in them.

So as the end of the year approaches and I’m viewing some of the holiday pictures I’m also noticing that my face is thinning out (for me that means my chubby cheeks have gone down) and my arms are getting more definition. In fact, my smallest pair of jeans (my 7 jeans that are a size 26) are now starting to get loose.

I’m at the size I want to be, however, I want to see more definition in my abs and have a rounder butt AND have a little bit smaller legs. That’s my goal for next year. I don’t want to be less than 120 pounds as I don’t think that looks good on me. (I am 124 right now) People have inquired whether I will compete again, but right now, I’m not planning on it. I MIGHT do something fun..we’ll see. I have some girlfriends that are interested in competing in the summer time.

We just cleaned the house 1/4 of the way…we emptied the drawers and cleaned the food cabinets…vacuumed under the sofa, etc. I bought tons of plastic containers to start really organizing this house before the New Years. (yes, I like to start off the year RIGHT!) It’s going to be a big journey to clean this house because I have to organize the boys clothes, clean out the garage and really set up my workout area there since David bought me new rubber mats, workout gear AND a new spin bike! Yippy! I did drop him hints that I wanted one because I used to have a cheap bike when I was younger but of course, it wore out. I like to have something that I can ride quietly while the babies are sleeping in the morning while watching television.

So right now – I am setting all my goals for this next year: Physically, Professionally and Personally. I feel really proud that I hit my goals this year, so it will be fun setting new ones as I really need something to motivate me. Last week I did really well on my regimen. I trained for 5 days (excluding Christmas) and ran whenever I could. So far I’ve trained just once (yesterday) and plan on taking a kickboxing class tonight in less than an hour. It was really tough getting up this morning because I had the HARDEST time sleeping. When I finally went to sleep it was 5am.(I do have to mention that my son was coughing all night and kept waking up)

So – goals this week are as follows:

1. train 5 days

2. weight train 4 days

3. dedicate a couple days to just ab training (I never do abs unless its a superset)

4. run whenever possible

5. Eat CLEAN!

with  my mom and sisters on Christmas Eve

At Sky High for my niece’s birthday.

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