Mommy Fitness Blog: I went running!

December 16, 2009

Monday night I took a kickboxing class! It was truly an effort as I was busy all day, but since I was so efficient, I thought the  day can’t be complete unless I finally get my butt to the gym. Funny thing is that many people haven’t seen me in a long time. One woman who always gave me great comments on my weight loss shook her head, laughed and said, “SEE, this is what happens when you look great again.” and ALL I CAN SAY IS….

“that’s what I’ve been thinking this whole time!!!?!” LOL 🙂

Yesterday I went over to my girlfriends house and she invited me to go running with her. I thought it was a bit funny as I am 23 weeks preggers but am definitely not one to shy away from activity. So I said ‘sure!’. The last time I had a good intense run was right before I found out was pregnant and I ran 6 miles trying to make my period come! LOL. Of course, we all know it didn’t!

We ran outside for about half an hour – and talked the whole time. It wasn’t too bad at all. She was happy to get a good workout in and so was I! Of course I ate spaghetti afterwards but at least I trained! RIGHT?!

Today is a rainy day in Sacramento. I’ve got many things to do but it’s always hard when you have a little one you need to lug around everywhere! I’m also sore but I DO plan on going to the gym tonight. I’m pondering whether I will bring Christian, my son, to the kids playroom. I don’t like him getting exposed to any children right now, especially since my mother’s immune system has been challenged since the kidney transplant.

I’ve gained 10 pounds STILL so far, which I think is very healthy. I’ve read some pregnancy forums and it seems some women have gained anywhere between 8-25 pounds so far. However, I think the average is about 12. That’s healthy! Of course, I think the people who respond to ‘how much weight have you gained’ in a forum discussion are people who have been particular about their weight gain and are searching the internet (like myself) for similar experiences.

Most people I know gain anywhere between 45-60 pounds and a rare few gain 75 and up.

I cannot BELIEVE we are so close to Christmas. I’ve done the majority of my shopping online. It’s so much easier! I don’t know if it’s cheaper, but the convenience of it is so worth it! I plan to start wrapping gifts tonight and baking my annual Christmas cookies. Last week we had a humongous Christmas party for our family care homes and this weekend I have another Christmas party, Sunday and Monday I have another party dinner…then next week is Christmas…then the week after I have another company Holiday party!

SO – as you can see, there is a lot of holding back these next few weeks. I have found however, that I eat the most in the afternoon and not so much after 5pm. I have no appetite. I definitely feel this pregnancy is a bit different. I don’t feel hungry. He doesn’t kick as much. Of course I’m only 23 weeks so it may all change.

I LOVE being a mom to Christian though. He’s so adorable. So active! He prefers walking to crawling now. I like caring for him at home though because anywhere else its all about me chasing him everywhere! Which I guess is good exercise.

Goals this week is to continue training a bit every day…be better at eating less sugar and drinking more water.

At our party on Saturday night.

LOVE this shirt!

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