Mommy Fitness Blog: I am SOOOO pregnant right now.

January 21, 2010

My Belly has seriously expanded and hardened. I feel like I waddle when I walk! Seriously. AND my back hurts. It all just hit my body now that I am in my 3rd and last trimester.

This past week has been good for me though. It’s been VERY restful. Actually, probably too restful. I like to be somewhat busy – but since the weather is bad, it’s hard for me to get out of the house if I don’t HAVE to go. For example,  I have my fitness program in the morning, but since I have a fitness coordinator and now and intern that supervise and run it every day, I really don’t HAVE to be there. I’m just really there to manage…but since it’s been going well and strong for months now, I don’t NEED To wake up at 6am to be there at 7am anymore. (Even though I love early mornings and I love seeing the kids and my fitness coordinator, Emily)

I used to love going to the gym at 5am – then to the program…but  I have found that I am starting to enjoy training again at night but with some sort of class. (usually dance class) Since my back has been causing issue, I try to take it easy with my usual kickboxing class. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair in my last few months! LOL

I’ve been eating decent. Of course, I could ALWAYS do better. I still enjoy my protein shake and waffles in the morning. Lunch and dinner are kind of sticky because I don’t plan those…but my appetite is starting to pick up in the evenings. Before, I would force myself to eat after 4pm. I had NO desire to eat anything and right now that is still kinda the case.

I have no cravings.

Wish I did. I like chocolate though – but that’s always the case regardless if I’m preggers. I told David that for Valentine’s day I want a HUGE heart shaped box with chocolates (he’s not an advocate of me eating any type of sugar. He’s actually a more health nut than me) I also told him I wanted the GOOD kind!

So today I already wrote down my ‘to do’ list. I have a couple already checked off. My body is still itching to move. I did train on Tuesday – but couldn’t on Wednesday because David and I were planning on having my parents and sister over for dinner (so I couldn’t get the workout in due to preparation) but that was cut short because my mom had to go to hospital due to chest pains.

I will post pictures later of my growing belly when I get the chance.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!!

Goals for the rest of this week:

1) Do something big or small that is active every day

2) Focus on drinking water

3) Get everything on my to do list done, every day!

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