Mommy Fitness Blog: I am crazy sore.

August 12, 2010

Yesterday I worked out with my buddy Adrian and we did a few things I haven’t done in a while…or ever! I deadlifted 140 pounds and even did dips. (No, I’m not talking about tricep dips.) Besides working out with him, I also peformed some crazy lunges with my mommy fitness group the day before, making me sore, sore, SORE today!

I do plan on working out tonight though – Dance Class! I love dance class because it’s fun, I sweat a lot and it doesn’t feel like exercise. I will give my muscles a break today and not train anything but I will finish off my arms and chest Friday and Saturday.

I definitely feel like I’m leaning up. I really should be running more but I’m not (mostly because I’m sore everywhere.) I would say that my diet is an 8/10. While I keep a fairly clean diet, I know that it can always be cleaner. I find myself ‘picking’ at a cake here and there but I definitely don’t eat a box or fries or a bowl of pasta. My face is getting smaller (per my mother’s observation) and I can see my abs starting to come through again.

I’m trying to enjoy some recreational activities like swimming and walking to add some fitness in my day. Yesterday, it felt really good to get in the pool since my body really needed to relax and remove some weight from my sore joints.

Yesterday I also had a humongous workout cleaning out a storage unit with my father. I found ALL my old clothes, books, papers, albums, etc. It was definitely a trip down memory lane. I was so excited to even find my old workout clothes!!! I had a huge workout there as I was moving things, lifting bags and moving boxes.

So! this week I plan on staying active and continuing Saturday as being my ‘free day’.

working out with my students at my summer camp last week.

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