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December 1, 2011

Last week I didn’t step into the gym once. I was so busy. I don’t even know what I was doing. I just know that there were a couple times when my youngest son didn’t want to stay in the Kids Club, which made it difficult to work out. Instead, I had to leave early and go play with them in the park somewhere.

This week doesn’t look any better. I am slated to go to San Francisco tomorrow night for a Christmas party, my nephew’s 1st birthday is on Saturday and my family’s Carehome Christmas party (which is an event of over 250 guests) is on Sunday! In the middle of all this I am purchasing gifts for all my residents and employees, as well as wrapping! I honestly have to say that going shopping is a workout in itself. That exhausts me like no other.

I recently did the ‘pre-sale’ at Macy’s (the one where you purchase all your stuff and get an additional 25% off, but you pick up the items on the actual sale date, which was Nov 30). So there I was, in the men’s section of Macy’s – we had purchased over 3k worth of stuff. I know that sounds like a lot, but my family really gifts people with nice stuff on Christmas. It took them almost an hour to find our stuff and then there was just a mountainous pile on the ground with no one to assist in bringing it to the car. It was a very horrible experience. When we went shopping last week it was nice not having to carry any bags home, but now I realize that I’d rather carry every bag with me just so that I can make sure I have all my stuff and that it doesn’t take me an hour to retrieve it later! Anyways, this has nothing to do with fitness…just something to advise all of you who are considering pre-sale shopping.

Last night I trained my upper body and performed 40 minutes of Zumba at the gym! Today I have a date with my girlfriend to meet at dance class. So! I feel really good about my activity so far. While it started later in the week (Wed is very late to start your workout routine) all that matters is that I’m staying active and feeling good. I am close to 38 weeks now and my body definitely needs more rest and I sense the need to sleep more. I have been waking later and thankfully, my husband got the clue and started assisting with our sons in their morning routine!

Tomorrow, even though the weather is kind of windy, I hope to make it to my mom-me club. I haven’t been showing for the last couple weeks because of conflicting doctor’s appointments. My boys love going to the park and interacting with the other kids so that’s the biggest reason why I go besides seeing the other mom’s and getting somewhat of a workout.

My goal is to drink more water as I feel a little bit of swelling (when I tell this to people they laugh at me) – and I also want to get as much stuff done on my to do list while completing a little bit of activity every day. That’s my simple goal since I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy journey!

I made these delicious turkey cake pops for Thanksgiving. It was great portion sizing.


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