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December 6, 2010

So – it’s officially been a week since the wedding. I am NOW starting to recover from all the emotional ups and downs. Just to give you an idea of what that week looked for me:

Tuesday: mini-Thanksgiving with Casler Family

Wednesday: David’s Bachelorette (also last day to finish projects: programs, poems on tables, bows)

Thursday: Thanksgiving  – David’s mom and girls arrive from MS – my mom gets flu symptoms

Friday: Nail Salon, set up at reception, rehearsal dinner and 30th Birthday – my mom not present

Saturday: woke up, worked out, found out my mom was brought the ER in the early a A.M. I cried all day long! Midday I found out my mother couldn’t make the wedding and my father could not either! I had ice packs around my swollen face all day long. My wedding day was the FIRST time I ever used concealer and eye drops. Nonetheless it was a good wedding – everyone had fun. Everyone said it was a “Maria wedding”. While it was definitely fun, my first feelings about the wedding the next day was how I hated all the moments when I was reminded of my parents not being there (speeches, father-daughter dance, etc) What was also annoying is remembering how my mind always seemed elsewhere. I didn’t know how critical my mom’s condition was and I knew people were keeping information from me…

Sunday: visited my mom for the first time since Thursday night. She had a feeding tube and ventilator and seemed like she was in a coma. I broke down that day. It was a very, very hard time.

Monday: picked up stuff from reception, dropped off tux’s, assessed a potential resident downtown and visited the hospital to see my mom AND my sister who was admitted because she was in labor! I watched her deliver a healthy 8lbs 12oz boy at 11:22pm!

Tuesday: working the care homes, grocery shopping, paperwork – visiting hospital.

I visited the hospital every day last week until Sat when my mother was discharged. On Saturday we also had our annual Christmas party for all our care homes! We had over 200 guests – and I emceed as usual. I cannot believe how much my body and brain can endure.

Right now actually I am planning a “Gingerbread House party” for my mom-me group next Sat and Christian’s 2nd bday in almost one month! (I already have the place booked) In the  next couple weeks I have an event EVERY single weekend. This weekend is a bday -party and christmas party with a girlfriend, next weekend is the mom-me party and graduation/bday party for another girlfriend, on the 21st we have an Employee Christmas party and the next weekend is Christmas! I have not shopped for one gift. I actually want to get our tree today…

So how will I do with all these parties and my diet? Pretty good I think….because I will just eat clean all week until those days arrive. I usually splurge a bit once a week so this is normal. I will also try and keep my goals the same.

I didn’t workout ONCE last week. Today was supposed to be my first day starting up again at 5:30am but it was really difficult to get up this morning. I sleep around 11pm but I have found I need to start sleeping closer to 10pm.

My goal this week is to:

1) Workout every day

2) Run 10 miles

3) Eat small meals

4) Drink a lot of water

My dad made it to the ceremony –


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