Mommy Fitness Blog: First day running

July 13, 2011

Today I woke up with absolutely no back pain. So I decided to get out – and run! It was definitely hard. I’m carrying a bit more weight on me. I had not run in at least three months and I stopped working out regularly for almost my entire pregnancy so far (four months.) My fitness calendar is sadly looking pretty empty. I only ran for about 20 minutes but what makes it extra special is that it was outside! I hate running outside. But since I had my mom-me group today, I thought it was  great opportunity to start participating in the run around the park. In addition to the run, we also performed a ton of butt exercises. My husband mentioned that my butt is getting bigger. Funny because it certainly looks  a little rounder – but that’s what a lot of my friends who had baby girls (who carry from behind) says: It usually looks good at first then it becomes just big. So, I’m just praying that my big butt is correlating to a baby girl! 🙂

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I heard the baby’s heart beat. It was healthy! And I’m gaining weight steadily (8lbs so far) My doctor told me that I’m expected to gain only 24lbs in this pregnancy. That shocked me since I usually gain around 35lbs. And to me, that’s not bad considering most woman gain an upwards of 50lbs! I don’t even know anyone who gains that little during pregnancy unless she is overweight or stressed during pregnancy.

And then I told my doctor, “Well, this is why woman gain so much. You guys set up these unrealistic expectations that makes it hard to match.”

She then argued that the American Pregnancy Association made these recommendations and that comment reminded me of all the exercise recommendations out there.  There are several exercise guidelines out there..from the CDC to the gov’t to the American Heart Association. All of the guidelines pretty much say that you should be exercising a minimal of 30 minutes a day. Last year I remember reading a recommendation of 1 hour per day! For someone like me (who used to workout at least one hour a day) it didn’t seem too off the wall. But for the regular person, that seems unrealistic!


I am sitting here and I had a tough sleep because I woke up to two boys pulling my hair and jumping on my belly. Whenever my days start like that it drives me CRAZY. And it makes me irritable and annoyed. I feel like I am overall not as efficient because I didn’t get to workout in the morning as I wanted to in my schedule. Christian woke up before my 6am alarm clock so THERE went my morning workout. My husband insists that I can train still and leave with them going buck wild crazy (because I’m leaving) but I can’t – mostly because it spoils my mood. YOUR MOOD has a lot of relevance to how well you train.

Right now, I am sitting at the computer desk (obviously) and I have a screaming Nicholas next to me. Whenever I am next to my computer they start crying. They NEVER do this to my husband. They don’t irritate him in the morning or bother him while on the computer.

Today I want to get a lot of things done. I have paperwork, then a meeting, then I need to go to run errands and the bank…I also have to start focusing on grant writing again for my nonprofit. I am sorta not excited about anything I’m doing right now. Which makes working out THAT much harder. Good thing is – is that my workout partner is back in town (from Hawaii) and I feel good about walking on Monday and running on Tuesday.

My goals this week is to pray more – to center myself…to do something small for myself every day (this is mostly in the exercise category) to put a little bit in every goal bucket (that means my business, my writing, my nonprofit, my fitness and my family/friends) every day. Most of all – I want to start having more value and meaning in my daily life.

4 months pregnant

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