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October 14, 2011

I’ve been feeling very efficient these past few days. I wrote an article days before deadline. I’ve been completing lots of paperwork, cleaning laundry and keeping the house immaculate. I’ve also been potty training Christian, which is a feat all by itself.

Right now it’s Friday – it’s around 3pm…and as usual, my body is getting tired. I am usually very efficient in the morning and early noon times. I take the kids out or I run errands. Around this time I get sleepy and my body feels very heavy. I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have a burgeoning belly. I feel it!

I was able to work out on Wednesday and do my Zumba class. I also went walking today and plan on training tomorrow. I’ve been consistently working out at least 3 times a week, which is a big boost from my one-day-a-week workouts that I had before. Of course, before I had really bad back aches AND I was traveling AND moving. I was definitely getting my workouts in even though they weren’t at the gym! I would have to say that this pregnancy has been less-gymmy than my other pregnancies. I’d blame it on two kids! They are exhausting! So it’s definitely hard to do anything when they are awake and constantly wanting my undivided attention.

I’ve been eating pretty well – I’ve been cooking a lot. I do eat more sugar than I should but I haven’t been THAT bad.

I don’t find myself to be hungry often. Just in the morning time – my weight gain is steady. It looks like I will gain the same exact amount of weight I always gain when pregnant, which is 35lbs. Since I sometimes start skinnier I always get scared that I will end up gaining 40lbs or 45lbs! But, it looks like I’m A-okay.

This weekend will be busy with events – and next weekend we are going out of town without the boys, I’m sooo excited!!!

Here’s a picture of us at the pumpkin patch last weekend.


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