Mommy Fitness Blog: BUTT TRAINING

January 26, 2011

Yes, I’ve been kicking my butt lately. My most recent workout consists of walking lunges NONSTOP for 30-45 minutes. I just go into the group exercise room (when there is no class obviously) and I bring with me a 25lb barbell and a couple 10lb dumb bells. I start lunging, back and forth – sometimes I will add the barbell, sometimes I will grab the dumb bells. AND I DON’T STOP. I have maybe a 15 second break twice to grab water, but that’s it. I make sure I push off from my  heel and concentrate on my glutes (as that is the only area I want to build) And when I’m done, BOY do I feel it the next day.

Other BIG favorites are: one legged squats while standing on a bench. I like standing on something high  because it makes you more focused. In the beginning I couldn’t squat very low with one leg, but now I’m getting really good at it. My goal is to get deeper every week. I feel it almost entirely in my butt!

I also like the good old dead lift. I lift heavy with dead lifts. I can usually do 10 reps with 45lb plates on each side. I haven’t tried heavier even though I know I can probably do more. I will have to find a way to alter this exercise too (just like the lunges).

My butt seems like it’s getting rounder and tighter – but NOT good enough for me yet! Here’s a blurry shot at the gym last Thursday.


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