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January 11, 2011

Yes, I am SOOOOO concentrating on developing my “derry air” right now. (I am so lazy I don’t have time to figure out how to spell that! LOL) To give you a little bit of history…I’ve always had a pretty good butt. Ever since I can remember it’s been round, shapely and toned. Even when I was little heavier, my butt was still fairly nice. However, since I was practically pregnant for two years in a  row, I feel like my hips expanded, my lower back became weaker and my butt is not as round 🙁 I may or may not be correct, but I do know that since I’ve been “perfecting” my body these past few months, I’ve just become more critical of EVERYTHING. You will notice that yourself when you progress.

I was at the gym this morning and this guy was telling me about how his fiancee wants to lose baby fat on her cheeks and she is 105 pounds, ice skates and is only 5’2. We both agreed how ridiculous that seemed. I chimed in more and said, “Well, there’s a lot I want to improve on in my physique.” And he looked stunned and was like, “You’re kidding me! What could you possibly be unhappy about?!”

Of course, he had nothing to talk about because he CONSTANTLY works on his abs, he is in amazing shape and all he can focus on is getting that six pack! To the average person, both of us have pretty good physiques.

My point is, is that we are always more critical of ourselves. That’s not a bad thing…it’s only bad when it becomes obsessive. And for me, right now, my big desire is getting a tighter behind. So what am I doing? I do what some of you do…I watch YOUTUBE videos. Yes! I do. I don’t do it often, in fact the only time I go on Youtube is to listen to a song or get new ideas for different workouts. I really like a lot of Jennifer Nicole Lee’s butt videos.

So I train my behind twice a week. That was my schedule for the past couple months now…give or take, it might just be once a week here or there. Usually my training incorporates at least 5 different exercises, in which I train my behind for at least a good 30-40 minutes. Some of my exercises include:

– Barbell Squats (I didn’t do this exercise for YEARS because I had a “fear of getting big legs” syndrome) Now, I just squat deep and perform MANY repittions.

– Deadlift. I enjoy the deadlift…sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. My heaviest weight with a barbell is 45 pounds on each side and performing 10-12 reps.

– Single Legged Squats. I usually perform this while standing on top of a bench because it really forces me to balance. And I look really cool 🙂

– Ploymetric Squat Jumps.

– Doggie Kicks

– Lunges. I perform this every which way you can imagine. I do them to the side, I walk, I walk with weights, I place one foot on a bench or a bosu…

Besides my butt, my goal is to also improve my abs. I have a naturally very long torso so I never really carry a lot of “junk in my mid trunk :)” However, I know I need to start toning. I don’t perform abs often surprisingly, so my goal is to specifically focus on it a couple times a week.

SO. Last week I was getting up for my fitness program and training after because it was incredibly HARD to get up and train at 5am. This week is a different story. I am bright eyed and bushy-tailed when my alarm goes off at 5:06am. I like being able to get the workout done early in the morning. I also like getting home in time to be with the boys when they awake. However, I want to incorporate some type of cardio 2-3 times a week in the evening since my morning cardio is often only 20-30 mins.

I’m feeling good despite I didn’t eat very well this weekend. It was my first son’s 2nd birthday – a bday he also shares with grandfather so the celebration (and the food) went on all day. While it was tasty, I HATE how I feel when I’m full – or tired – or full of sugar.

My  body and my brain functions better when I train and follow a clean diet. I tell myself that all the time when I desire the chocolate in my cupboards.

Have a great week everyone!!

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