Mommy Fitness Blog: Back from Hawaii

September 6, 2011

We spent ten glorious days on the land on “aloha” and it was very eventful. We went to the beach nearly every single day and enjoyed playing in the sand, swimming with the waves and eating fun foods like shaved ice. While I tried to stay active while we were gone, we didn’t go to the local gym at all. I wasn’t expecting to – especially since it’s already hard for me to get out in my own town! But, I did walk a lot and even performed some walking outside on the hills (my father-in-law lives in the hills) and those inclines were killer! My diet was “so so” and has been like that since I returned. One of the old wives tales of being pregnant with a boy is that you don’t like to cook. In my case, I would say that’s absolutely TRUE. This is terrible since anything you eat while out (unless it’s strictly salad with dressing on the side) is usually not good for you. It usually has extra salt, fat or sugar. I still don’t look too terrible – but still, I like to watch what I eat even though I’m not too careful about it overall.

Since returning it’s been crazy, crazy busy. I started my day very busy and still have loads to do. I wanted to make sure I updated this site (as it’s on my lllooonnnnggg to-do list). In addition to this site, paperwork, faxes, errands, meetings, etc…I also had my mom-me fitness group today. Of course I didn’t want to go because it disrupts my flow in work but it was good because I used the opportunity to workout, meet other moms and let my kids take some energy out.

So what do we do when we workout together at the park?

Normally we go running for the first 20-30 minutes around the park. Afterwards, we usually perform some type of circuit training. We count all the women present, which is usually anywhere between 5-10. Then we create stations for each person. I usually have a counter who counts to 30 while jump roping OR performing jumping jacks. Then there are additional stations like:

– push ups

– tricep dips

– step ups

– lunges

– crunches

– planks

– squats

– back row (using a band)

– bicep curl (using a band)

– shoulder presses (using dumbells)

and after 30 seconds with rotate. We usually perform the circuit 3 times with a minute break inbetween the circuits. It’s very effective, easy and fun.

I’m happy I went this morning because I was able to get a small workout into my busy schedule. Right now it’s 1:16pm and I need to leave in the next twenty minutes!

Have a wonderful day and hope y’all had a great Labor Day!

Below is a shot of me six months pregnant in Hawaii!

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