Mommy Fitness Blog: 8 months pregnant

November 10, 2011

I’m due in about a month! Crazy how time flies by. It’s funny because I always forget I’m pregnant, until someone asks how far along I am. I think I am pretty small still depending on what time of day I’m staring at my belly and what kind of clothes I’m wearing. My weight gain has been on target with my past pregnancies. I will probably end around 35lbs gained total.

I’m  excited because my husband will be coming home today. He left this weekend to see my stepkids in Mississippi. So here I am, 8 months pregnant, working and dealing with two young boys! It has been interesting with him being away. Luckily, I have a lot of support here. I have a lot of friends who helps me watch the boys when I have to run my errands or attend meetings. I also have my family nearby –  but I try not to call them too much as they are all busy themselves.

At the end of each day, after I bathe them, brush their teeth, read them a book and put them to sleep – I feel absolutely glorious! Most mothers know THAT feeling when your children are asleep. It’s great because then I can work on tidying the house, writing and catching up on emails throughout the day. Funny because while we have several TV’s in the house, I rarely turn it on during the day or night.

Being without my husband does make ‘the heart grow fonder’. In reflecting on each step that brought us here today, I realize more fully what a great man he is and what an incredible husband and father I am blessed to share my life with. It’s so important to be with someone who shares your same values and supports a successful environment. Luckily, he has high expectations of me and our future together. He definitely won’t be upset if I gained 50lbs pregnant or took years getting it off – but I also know that he knows I expect more from myself and will work hard to be the best person physically. His support is always available.

Since I’ve been alone I haven’t been training as often…but it’s not because of lack of husband. It’s more because my left ankle has been painful to the point that I went in for a massage the other day because the pain had traveled all the way up my sciatica. I don’t want to risk more injury so I’ve been trying to avoid heavy fitness. I walked yesterday and plan on attending a Zumba class tonight.

When you are pregnant – and I say this to all pregnant people out there –  your goal is not to ‘gain as little weight as possible’ while pregnant. Nor is it to lose weight. You are staying fit to be healthy for you and your baby. That’s the goal! So you have to adjust your fitness schedule depending on how your body often. In this pregnancy I have worked out 1-3 times a week. Nothing more than that. And when I train, it’s not intense….it’s just to get my body moving.

For those who read my site, it’s been in transition for about a month now. I’m getting a new site soon! So be patient.

Happy Wednesday!

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