Mommy Fitness Blog: 7 week countdown

December 5, 2012

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual blog about my personal fitness. I’ve been so busy with several projects that it’s hard to sit down for longer than ten minutes (in the daytime) and do anything meaningful on the computer. Right now I am working with my nonprofit’s project manager to get our Family Boot camp’s organized for launch in January 2013. I’m also working on my Belly Ball (which will be available for shipment in January) and continuing my work in my care home business (which I visit daily) and freelance writing (I have an article due right now).  It’s crazy busy in the Kang-Casler household…and it’s usually this way, regardless of season.

So how do I do it?

Well – I know every day I have five goal buckets. Sometimes I don’t put all I want into each bucket, but I do try to make sure I put at least something in it. For example, one of my goals is to exercise daily. Sometimes I can train at 6am, other times it’s 6pm. Sometimes I can only perform twenty minutes of running, other times it’s a full hour at the gym. It really depends on what’s going on that day.

I also do the same with work. I never leave projects stagnant, there’s always something moving to assist in its progression….

I feel so honored to be on the cover of Sacramento Parent magazine! It truly was a surprise as I had written an article for them, but didn’t know the shoot was for the cover. I was featured as their “mom next door” just two years ago! I’m in clean eating/training mode for an upcoming photoshoot in mid-January right now. Since the shoot will be in LA and the Fit Expo be will going on at the same time, I’m SERIOUSLY considering competing in the bikini division at the expo. I haven’t stepped on stage for  ten years and I’m honestly scared out of my mind.

Firstly, I am scared of the commitment. I have a lot of things going on (the biggest thing is having three kids!) and I fear not having time to prepare. Secondly, I would need to REALLY eat clean. I would say I measure around 8/10 when it comes to dieting really well. Thirdly, I am scared of what pregnancy has done to my physique in terms of muscle. I feel that my lower back area expanded each time I was pregnant and made my glutes less round. Having strong glutes is a VERY important asset when competing in bikini. I’ve been focusing on them for the last couple years but and am unsure whether it is competition worthy.

I don’t expect to win of course, but I don’t do things unless I plan to succeed at a certain level. Since I’m already prepping for a shoot, I say, “why not?” Right? The difference in how I would look for a shoot versus a contest is about 3 pounds of fat.

Right now at 5’4, I’m around 123 pds. I would like to compete at 118-121pds.

Since I’m already pretty good about dieting/exercising I need to tweak my program a bit more to really lean out for these upcoming goals. This is what I need to do:

–          Start waking up earlier (I’ve been slacking in this department because I stay up late) and perform 30-45 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach to stimulate fat loss. (I don’t recommend this for everyone)

–          Focus on butt training twice a week

–          Incorporate more gym workouts (I usually don’t go to the gym unless I need to perform strength workouts)

–          Start eating cleaner meals. My salads usually have a sweeter dressing, so I will need to switch to a cleaner dressing that has an oil/vinegar base.

–          Start eating more protein.

–          Start eating more consistently. (this has been tough with my schedule) I need to be more clock work about eating 200-300 calories every 2-3hours. This is ALSO tough since I don’t take any protein shakes anymore. In the past protein shakes assisted a lot in getting the protein calories I needed. Now, I need to be more vigilant in my food prep.

–          Sleep more. That will be tough!

–          Try not to get stressed. That will be tough also!

SO – it looks like I will be in prep mode. That’s where I am right now. Those are my thoughts at this moment.  I have 7 weeks and I’m scared about this new commitment – but being scared is most often a good thing.

Time to get out of my comfort zone.

This was taken last week when I was sick at a hotel gym. Not too shabby
for being pre-menstrual and sick!

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  • Reply Savanna December 11, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Wow your very pretty and look so good with 3 kids. Ever since i started reading your blogs here and on fb it has motivated me a lot. I can’t wait until after i have my baby to workout and have the body of my dream. You are one tough mother.

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