Mommy Fitness Blog: 5 days left!

April 6, 2010

…until my due date that is! Isn’t that crazy?!! Most people look at me and say: “You don’t look like you’re ready!?!” David still feels like we have a couple more months. Heck! I still feel like I have three more months.

I still sleep on my back…I haven’t experienced too much fatigue – Probably because I haven’t gained too much weight. I’m arond 33lbs, close to how much I gained the first go-around with Christian. Overall I was heavier with him though.

I do feel a huge sense of anxiety. Mainly because I have SO much to do before he is born. AND so much to do AFTER he is born. I can’t imagine those sleepless nights! OMG! I tried to forget those every two hour feedings! They will be back before I know it.

This week I’m planning on cleaning the entire house, getting my hospital bag ready, Christian’s bag ready (for his babysitter while we are in labor) and finishing up my grant proposal, magazine article and business paperwork. I also need to do payroll!

Anyways…I don’t feel like the baby is going to come soon, but YOU NEVER KNOW. It could come tonight! I certainly don’t feel it though.

I went to my kickboxing class on Saturday and will try to get a couple workouts in this week. Not today though…crazy busy! I will miss my belly when it’s gone again…and then I’ll work towards getting a 4-pack again which is always fun and frustrating!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

taken on my camera phone on Easter!

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