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March 2, 2010

I’m really feeling this pregnancy now.

– I feel like there is a ton of fluid rushing through my body (I’m not swollen or anything…but I definitely feel heavier)

– My belly sticks out A LOT.

– I get tired around 3pm and usually need to nap daily with my son. (If I’m not working)

Last night I went to my parents house to walk uphill on their treadmill (as I am trying to kill two birds with one stone…visit my parents and exercise!) It was a great, impromptu thing to do at 8pm on a Monday night. I knew I needed movement! I’m craving it more and more as I become more and more pregnant. Last week I walked on Monday and took a dance class on Wed…but besides that, there wasn’t a lot of working out to be done.

I just can’t believe this is my last month. In fact, I think often how this is Christian’s last month as an only child! We spend so much time together it’s going to be interesting and crazy adding another child to “david, maria and christian.”

As much as I want to feel ready for this baby, I know that I’m not. There are a TON of things going down this month and every day I am working towards the end goal of being okay with my business’ before the baby is born. While I usually don’t take a long break after giving birth to begin working again (I started attened my nonprofit program a week after with Christian) I do know that this time will be different as I will have two kids.

It’s definitely going to be fun getting back into crazy, awesome shape though!!!!!!

This month is packed every weekend…EVERY weekend. It will be April before we know it…then Christmas! (I have my Christmas countdown starting around June 🙂 And yes, it does go by very fast!

I’m probably gaining anywhere between 1-2 pounds per week now. Last time I checked I gained 26lbs. I should be at a healthy 35lbs by the end of this pregnancy (or less!) That’s how much I gained with Christian and lost 20lbs automatically afterwards. I did start out smaller this round so we will see.

My goal this week is to focus on activity – to not be too hard on myself – and to drink lots of water and ENJOY my big, beautiful belly for six more weeks.

With David and Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

He dared me so I did it! Flying high at 34 weeks preggers.

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