Mommy Fitness: Back Training

June 6, 2013

When I started training in my early twenties I always yearned for a beautiful back. To me, a beautiful back meant seeing muscle definition and a deep line down the back. Even today, over 13 years after I began training, I still love training my back the most. I often start with my biggest back muscles and work towards the smallest. I usually perform 8-15 reps (depending on my goal) and a minimum of 3 sets. I try to get at least 3-4 exercises in, which usually totals 30-40 minutes per strength session. Here are my top 10 favorite exercises for the back:

1. Cable Lat Pulldowns
2. Pull ups
3. Cable pullovers
4. Cable rows
5. Barbell bentover rows
6. Single dumb bell rows
7. Back Extension
8. Deadlifts
9. Supermans
10. Good Mornings

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