Mommy Fitness: 4 Weeks post-partum

January 18, 2012

My son turned 4 weeks this Sunday. He is so handsome, tiny and amazing. I admit that the majority of the day I feel like my butt is numb from nursing ALL the time. If I am not with him, I am with another son. Seriously, I don’t have any time anymore. The only time I have is right now, midnight, when they are all sleeping. In the day time my middle son HATES seeing me in my office. So the only time I can get online is through my phone…which of course, is dependent if I have a phone!

For those who know me well, know that I have to replace my phone every few months. For some reason it gets damaged – most of the time I have brought it back for ‘technical issues’! Can you believe I had it replaced 4 times without even having insurance?! They actually covered it with no cost (thank God!) but now I have insurance. (I have a droid2 for those wondering) Anyways, I fell asleep with the baby on Friday afternoon and could hear Christian playing games on my phone next to me. (I have to mention that my phone always breaks on a Friday, right before the weekend) That was the last time I heard my phone working because when I woke up, the phone was overheating and would not turn on. We were already an hour late for our photoshoot, I couldn’t call the photographer and I didn’t know the address…so let’s just say, that evening we made a pit stop at Verizon where I nearly broke down telling my husband (in tears) that I wanted a basic flip phone with no data, no games, no nothing! I was tired of phones! I wanted to go back to when life was simple. I ended up getting a replacement that was shipped out to me this past Monday….which means I had no phone for a whole two days. Now THAT is a different story.

In terms of my fitness, I made a goal to start eating better and writing things down two weeks ago. OF course that didn’t work. But of course it’s getting better little by little. I knew that at the six weeks post-partum mark I would be really ready to take off in my fitness quest but I needed a few weeks prior to get my mind ready. So where’s my mind? My mind is still in pregnancy mode. I eat what I want (which is not THAT bad) and I don’t think much about weight loss. Since I  made the goal two weeks ago I stopped buying candy at the store (hooray!) and I drink mainly water and tea. (no lattes) However, I have this really bad habit of eating late at night – probably because I sleep late – and I get distracted all day and don’t eat correctly – and I’m hungry and nursing – but the BIGGEST reason why I eat late is because of HABIT. Yesterday I had a long day and came home late. What did I do? I ate two cookies someone baked me and brushed my teeth and went to bed. I was SO annoyed at what I had done since I wasn’t hungry or craving anything. I just ate because of habit! That night I told my husband, “Sweetheart, if you see me eating late at night, STOP me. I’m serious!” Of course, he said I would be offended, blah, blah, blah – but I insisted that if being offended is what it took for me to stop, then so be it! Holding yourself accountable to someone is important if you want to set yourself up for success . I always tell people to tell everyone you know that you have a fitness goal.

Despite my lack of healthy diet success, I have lost two pounds since I last wrote! Now for someone people who are big fans of “the Biggest Loser” you may think that I’m a failure. Of course it would seem that way compared to the 7-15pounds those people lose in a week! But for someone who is petite like me, losing 1-2 pounds a week is natural and HEALTHY. Not only is it healthy, but it is long-lasting!! So I’m actually really proud of myself. Once I start eating a little bit more better and stop late night snacking I know it will get better! I may lose 1.5 pounds a week. LOL

But of course, the exercise will help also. Speaking of which – I had not done any. I DID wear a wrap (with the baby inside) while the boys sat in a double stroller and walked with them to the park last week! That was a feat! The park is about a mile away so that was a nice stroll. I definitely went back and forth whether I wanted to drive or walk – but was so happy I walked instead. I also did a little bit of a workout at home while watching some TV with kettlebells…just some swings, snatches, curls and squats. Nothing too heavy. I just needed to get off my numb butt!

My appt with my doctor is on the 23rd and am waiting for her approval before I do any exercise.

Until then, my goal is to get off my butt whenever I can, stop eating late at night, stop snacking and focusing on meals and stretching more. I may make my fitness calendar this week also.

4 weeks old

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    I realize this is an old post, But I want to thank you for your honesty. I have 3 little ones (pregnant with #4) and I can so relate to everything you wrote! I appreciate that you share your trials. It’s nice to know you’re not perfect, makes you all the more likeable! 🙂

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