Let’s Make America Better. (together)

May 27, 2020

Someone recently told me they hated seeing patriotic home decor because they didn’t like our country. The proud American in me responded, “Well why don’t you move if you don’t like it?” While this person left insulted, I realized in my reflections, that I shouldn’t have responded in that way.⁣

It’s ok to not be ok with your country.⁣

It’s ok to get irked by patriotic decorations.⁣

What’s NOT ok is hating something and doing nothing.⁣

If you struggle with something, do something about it…⁣

Activism is more than hashtagging a popular word or sipping out of paper straws. REAL care requires focus, intention and sacrifice. Often times you are giving time, resources and emotional effort.⁣

There are many times when those who care, give their life…⁣

That’s why I acknowledge today….why I hang a festive wreath and why I love this country…because there are people who gave their lives so my family can live.⁣

These soldiers didn’t like something, so they did something.⁣

Do I always love this country? No. Just like I don’t always love many things or people in my life – but as long as I’m here, I will consciously choose to be here.⁣

I often say you are helping or hurting, creating or consuming, contributing or taking…⁣

Which one are you?⁣

I shouldn’t have asked why this person should move, I should’ve asked what this person is doing to make what they don’t like, better.⁣

Wherever you stand today, let’s make this country better. Despite your irritations, for the most part you can wake up and say how you feel without imprisonment, build a business without racial restrictions and live life without strenuous regulations. ⁣

Can we be better? YES, we can always do better. Do we live in a better place than many countries in this world? As long as we have the democratic ability to make it better, I believe so.⁣

Let’s memorialize the people who paved the way for our freedoms. Let’s thank the people and families that greatly contributed to this nation. Let’s keep making our country better.⁣

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