Let your dreams absorb you

June 28, 2005

June 27, 2005

I just spent the weekend in Reno celebrating my mother’s 44th birthday. She invited family and friends on a weekend excursion to celebrate her day with everyone. During dinner on Saturday I decided (after several pleas not to from my sisters) to get up in front of the room and lead a group exercise. I asked everyone to talk about a moment they shared with my mom that they remembered and cherished the most. While everyone brought physical presents to signify their appreciation for her special day…no gift was more significant than the words of gratitude, love and recognition expressed when the guests talked about how my mother made a difference in their lives. For a moment in time, my mother’s 44 years of living represented a greater significance…for it is not what we take in this life, but we give that defines us.

Analyzing past, present and future is an interesting topic for me. If you really think about it: the only thing that really exists is the future…for the past has already past, the present….has just passed…and passed…and passed…and it is only the future that truly exists. Which is why I feel that you should really monitor thoughts that pass through your mind: because every action is created from an idea, and idea that was formulated in your mind….and this process is why your life is a manifestation of the ideas created in your mind.

There is a small picture in my gallery of me as a little girl with a crown on….while it seems ironic, and a little coincidental that I became a beauty queen…in truth it wasn’t ironic or coincidental at all: for that picture is evidence that I dreamt of competing many years before I won my first competition. While I never wrote my goals down when I was young, once the idea of becoming a pageant competitor was created in my mind, I subconsciously made certain life decisions that brought me towards my end result. My life today: where I live, what I do, how I look like, everything about myself…is a part of my present that was an idea created in my past when I dreamt of my future.

When I work with people when they’re working out, I tell them to focus on what they want, to not think of nothing but what they hope for…because the intensity, focus, love and passion people expel when they’re in the gym, in a relationship, in their jobs…is not normal energy… they are working off the power of hope, the power to be better than who they are today, for they understand that achievement comes from grasping the present as a tool to be utilized for future gains.

Donald Trump once said: “If you’re going to think anyways, Think Big.” I agree. Think Really, Really Big. First live the dream in your mind: think about how it’s going to feel like… what you’re going to do…who you’re going to be…let your dream become a part of you…for when you LET YOUR DREAM ABSORB YOU: When you let it re-define you: you will then create subconscious action plans to make that dream a reality.