How I “cope” with my abundant life.

August 14, 2021

August 13, 2021

We started summer 2021 dancing on a rooftop in Mexico and ended jumping off cliffs in Hawaii. We invited extended family and lifetime friends to celebrate our mother’s grand 60th birthday at the Sawyer hotel and spent countless days at the lakes and rivers. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been working at the care homes, attending meetings, shopping for back-to-school supplies/clothes, running errands and going to events. If you followed my blog or social media the last several years, you know there’s an intense pace I follow – or follows me.

Instead of complaining of my schedule, minimizing my responsibilities or getting frustrated by what I annoyingly call, “living a lifetime in a day”, I’ve learned to accept who I am. I’ve recently wanted to throw everything out of my Tupperware cabinet (the messiest area in the kitchen) knowing that in a matter of time, it would end up looking again, like it does today. This goes with my schedule, my bookshelf and my Lululemon capri collection…even if I create space, eventually, it will fill up again.

I no longer fight this aspect about myself nor wish things were different. When energy leaves, we seek to fill it – whether it be good or bad energy, we fill space when absent of it. Awareness is the first step in recognizing what needs to shift in order to redirect a more purposeful life.

Lately my intention and focus has been on my care home facilities. There are incredible growing pains when you go from 3 to 4 locations – kind of like having kids. The adjustment period is not easy, especially when you couple it with our current events with Covid, economic decline and workforce scarcity. For a nation high in unemployment there seems to be so little people wanting a job.

My other work obligations, which include No Excuse Mom communities, Belly Ball sales and social media earnings have all taken a back burner. I’m not writing regularly (haven’t for a while) and I’ve lost spark in posting creative or thought-provoking material. While my to do list isn’t fully complete, I still manage daily – to meditate, walk my dog, keep the house clean, workout and sleep 8hrs. My head is busy, but my world is silent. I’ve been here many times in my life before.

I know this feeling.

I’m operationally busy, creatively hungry and spiritually searching. There is a Knowing, however. I know that even when I’m not working on my projects, it’s still working for me. Even when I’m not marketing my businesses, it’s marketing for me. Even when I’m taking breaks, stepping back, re-evaluating my actions and meditating on my truest intentions – I know, without a doubt, the world is working for me to succeed, push forward and surprise me in the most wonderful ways. It always has.

We are all abundantly blessed since the moment we are born. We were given the opportunity to design our world despite our life difficulties through the power of free will. We choose our attitude every day. How wonderful is it to say, I will choose gratitude regardless of the good or bad interactions I will experience today?

I did that recently.

I said thank you to all my past struggles, all my personal adversaries and all my recent setbacks. It was hard. I even unknowingly made faces when I closed my eyes and said “Thank you” to every one of those challenges. In that moment, what caused me pain, now became a purpose – from a perspective I couldn’t see, but held steadfast faith in.

So, I’ve been given an insanely busy life. Hasn’t changed since I was little. I get more stuff done than most do in a week – yes, I am proud. Can I alter this? Maybe, but based on history, highly unlikely. I’m rolling with it, which is perhaps the biggest lesson in this long-delayed blog post. Roll with it. Have faith. Practice free will. Be Intentional.

Whatever arrives in your life, exists because you invited it in. If you don’t want “it” there, let it go.

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