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August 11, 2013

Here are some of the foods I showcased on Good Day Sacramento today (August 11, 2013). These are examples of foods I feed my kids on a weekly basis. I try to keep things healthy and clean as possible. As some know, I’ve never bought pop tarts, fruit roll ups or sugary cereals with cartoon characters for my kids. There is absolutely no judgement on my end – I just know that if I introduce certain foods to them they will constantly seek it, both mentally and physically.  I’ve always believed that it’s my role to teach them good nutrition as it will set them up for the rest of their lives.

Now that school has begun, it is more important to be vigilant about food preparation and having these available while on-the-go. I prep every Sunday lots of foods seen here and I make sure I’m stocked up on my favorite stuff, which I usually get in bulk at Costco.

When the boys wake up late or fail to eat breakfast timely in the morning I either grab a bar (my favorites are organic CLIF and Nature Valley’s trail mix bar) and have them eat it on the way to school. If there is more time allotted I usually make them oatmeal – instant oatmeal is the easiest – or I would quickly make pancakes and eggs or have them eat cereal. They like Envirokidz brand cereal. Another great food choice for breakfast is a ‘banana roll up’ – which many of my junior high kids loved when I hosted my nonprofit program, Fitness without Borders, for a before-school fitness program. It’s essentially made up of a whole wheat tortilla, peanut butter and honey, wrapped around a banana. Great, fast meal that has a lot of great nutrients!

Throughout the day, my boys love to snack. They especially enjoy their Chobani yogurt sticks (bought at Costo) and nuts, which they enjoy eating because they also see me eating it. I found these pre-packaged trail mix packs at Trader Joes.

This picture also showcases my two favorite things to bake (which only take 30 minutes each to do) – my banana muffins and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Last but not least – I just got a new case of Gummy Cuties today. My boys are addicted to this brand of multivitamins, omega 3’s and calcium from Natural Dynamix. In the case I don’t get all their nutrition in, I am rest assured they are getting all their vitamins and minerals with these easy to eat gummies! You can order yours here.

Many have noticed my six pack bag, which I bought at my local Max Muscle store. You can purchase yours online here or go to your local Max Muscle store.


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  • Reply Trish October 25, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Hi Maria! Loved looking through your article on snacks for the kids – we have a very similar approach to teaching our kids how to eat well! I don’t know if you saw this recipe for super easy banana cookies – but they are super healthy and so easy, it’s embarrassing! My kids love them, and they can be changed up to include anything you like! And it’s a perfect way to use up bananas each week!

    2 large bananas mashed
    1 cup whole oats

    mix together, drop onto cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. These are great as is, but I’ve also added cinnamon, and/or choc. chips, raisins, cherries etc…

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