Fitness is my morning Coffee!

July 27, 2012

Fitness is my  morning coffee! Seriously.

I’m not a big coffee drinker – never have been. My first cup of coffee was years after college, probably at a Starbucks. It’s a shame that coffee has become “America’s Beverage”, especially since it’s also America’s excuse for ‘energy.’

When you are tired, drink coffee!
When you need energy, drink coffee!

It seems drinking coffee is the solution to eating poorly, not sleeping enough and most of all….not exercising!

When I wake in the morning, after feeding the boys, I get on my treadmill and usually run for 20  minutes. I don’t consider it a ‘real workout’ because it’s mostly performed to just ‘start my day’. Starting my day means taking care of myself first because as a mother, it’s very easy to lose sight on your health when the day begins rolling. Usually I try to get to the gym in the evening, but if I can’t, then at least I put in my run in the morning! While most days I run for just 20 minutes, when I know I have a busy day, I extend it to 30-45 minutes.

Moving your body does many things for your energy level: It gets the blood flowing, get oxygen in your lungs, moves your muscles and awakens your brain cells.

If you have 5, 10 or 20 minutes to just MOVE your body in the morning, DO that INSTEAD of drinking coffee. See how that goes. Seriously! Drinking coffee not only creates a dependence on an outside source of energy, but it also unnatural and eventually expensive.

Do something natural for yourself.

If you don’t have a treadmill then do the following:

(take 1 minute breaks and perform again 5 times)

100 jumping jacks

30 squats

add some pushups! I recommend sets of 10

Stretch, breathe, take a quick body wash shower if needed and start your day right!

** Last note of advice, if you have children (anyone under 18) don’t give them coffee. Don’t allow them to drink coffee! It’s not recommended and unhealthy for your child. I don’t even like seeing my nieces and nephew consuming coffee ice cream.  Even a ‘Starbucks treat’ is not acceptable. Usually the child copies the parent, so be aware what you’re drinking (and eating) in front of your child.


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