Fitness “I Don’ts”

August 29, 2012

I was really inspired by THIS post to write an “I Don’t” list. I’ve actually pondered about writing an article about ‘the things fit people do’, but as always – time is my biggest enemy!  So here are some random thoughts. I’m not organizing anything, I’m just typing to see how this manifests. Some of these are fitness and diet oriented some of them not. If they are not, they somehow contribute to my healthy lifestyle in some way or another….

1)      I don’t watch television. If I do, it’s usually 1-2 hours a week. TV feels time consuming and mindless to me.

2)      I don’t like waking up late. Sleeping past 8am is considered very, very late.

3)      I don’t eat bacon, sausage or most ‘morning meats’. My morning protein usually consists of egg whites or a protein shake.

4)      I don’t ever order breakfast from a fast food place or bakery. I haven’t found anything that serves a fairly healthy and quick breakfast besides Starbucks, in which I order their Spinach/egg white wrap. (Deelish!!)

5)      I don’t go to sleep with a dirty house. I always clean it right after the boys are in bed and before I get on my computer.

6)      I don’t like disorganization. I am a planner and action taker. If I am down, the best thing for me to do is getting organized and I feel somewhat in control of my life and emotions again.

7)      I don’t add sweeteners to anything. I used to add splenda to my salads, my ice teas and my oatmeal. Now, I don’t use anything.

8)      I don’t chew gum. It bloats me.

9)      I don’t get crazy drunk. I like to have a couple glasses of red wine, but usually that’s it. I hate the feeling of being hung over and inoperable the next day.

10)   I don’t eat out often. If I could, I would definitely eat out more as I know what to order that’s healthy anyways and it’s easier than cooking at home. BUT, having kids has changed all of that. I would rather eat at home than take them to eat out anywhere.

11)   I don’t drink sodas or diet sodas. I usually stick to tea, water with lemon, or an occasional red wine.

12)   I don’t take daily supplements. I’ve always been bad at this. The only time I was really consistent was when I was taking prenatal vitamins.

13)   I don’t eat tacos at Mexican restaurants, I eat chicken or shrimp salad.

14)   I don’t eat chowmein at Chinese restaurants, I eat shrimp and broccoli with less oil.

15)   I don’t eat pasta at Italian restaurants, I eat salmon and veggies.

16)   I don’t eat cheeseburgers at McDonalds, I eat their grilled snack chicken wrap.

17)   I don’t drink frappaccinos, I drink tall soy lattes on occasion.

18)   I don’t eat a ‘splurge meal’ more than twice a week.

19)   I don’t go on restaurant dates with most friends, usually we meet at the gym and talk on a cardio machine.

20)   I don’t pamper myself very often. I manicure my own nails, I color my own hair and I even cut it myself sometimes! I only treat myself to massages because they are much needed when you train often , and of course, if my husband is paying.

21)   I don’t treat myself unless I hit a goal. For example, I have avoided shopping until I reach my goal weight. When I do shop, I buy at the size I want to be at.

22)   I don’t tan. I get funny, unintentional, tan marks from going to the park with my sons. If I do need a tan, I opt for a spray tan.

23)   I don’t like fasts. When people ask me how to fast, I don’t know what advice to give since I can only last 3 hours on eating NO food. Even if I could drink smoothies for a week, I don’t think I could last.

24)   I don’t like protein diets. It makes me constipated. Doesn’t it make you?

25)   I don’t like ‘lose fat fast’ gimmicks. Drives me crazy when I see before and after shots. There is more this person did than take a supplement. You know what I mean?

26)   I don’t dress up often. I’m usually in workout clothes.

27)   I don’t usually leave the house without a head band or a hat.

28)   I don’t like driving in a dirty car. All trash must be out when we exit the car!

29)   I don’t get jokes easily. My brain doesn’t work in that direction.

30)   I don’t read a lot of fitness magazines. I just read Oxygen.

31)   I don’t read a lot of fitness blogs. I don’t have the time. I just read my bloggers on

32)   I don’t work out with headphones on. ONLY when I run. I started doing that a month ago.

33)   I don’t stay awake passed 1130pm.

34)   I don’t eat dark meat.

35)   I don’t add butter to my foods.

36)   I don’t fry anything I eat.

37)   I don’t eat popcorn at the movies. If I do (which I rarely do) it’s a small and I add no butter.

38)   I don’t go to happy hours.

39)   I don’t eat what I bake all the time, which are cupcakes, muffins and cookies.

40)   I don’t follow recipes well. I wish I was a better cook.

41)   I don’t like going to the gym after 9am, before 4pm or after 7pm. I’m very picky about when I like to work out.

42)   I don’t ever use the elliptical at the gym. I think it’s too easy.

43)   I don’t take any group weight lifting classes because I think it’s too easy also.

44)   I don’t have a workout partner because I don’t like distractions.

45)   I don’t follow a workout regimen, I just have a bunch of stored exercises in my brain that I play off of.

46)   I don’t perform cardio before strength training.

47)   I don’t work out without warming up first.

48)   I don’t leave the house without my green water bottle filled with ice.

49)   I don’t check my emails when I workout.

50)   I don’t stretch often. I’m bad, I know.

51)   I don’t like performing yoga. I think this will change as I get older.

52)   I don’t cross fit.

53)   I don’t work with a trainer. I did TWO times. It was my first experience with a new gym, I was very young and gave $99 for 3 sessions with a trainer. He was the fitness manager and  he did an awful job. I only trained twice and never went back for the last session. I was so sad. The second time was when I ‘won’ a training package when I worked at 24hr corporate and the guy who trained me made me do so many awkward things. I questioned everything he did. Maybe I just don’t like being told what to do? I don’t know – but if I see someone who I like and respect, I know that THAT is a good trainer.

54)   I don’t like excuses. I feel like everyone has one. It’s annoying.

55)   I don’t like running outside. I like being in a controlled environment, like my treadmill!

56)   I don’t remember a year in the past ten years when I haven’t had a fitness calendar hanging on my wall.

57)   I don’t like going more than three days without working out.

58)   I don’t have energy if I don’t work out.

59)   I don’t like working out most of the time, I just know I will feel better after I do it.

60)   I don’t train because I have or want to do it, I train because I need to do it. Because it makes me sane and gives me energy, confidence and peace of mind.

Thought this was a funny picture to add to this post.


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    Dear Lady
    You surely have a big problem. Ever considered to visit a shrink? 60 things you’re not doing? You must live a happy life…

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