Fit Mom: Anastasia Kritikos

December 2, 2012

You know when you come across an old friend’s profile and say, “OMG! She looks totally different!?”

I did that the other day when I came across Anastasia Kritikos’ amazing weight loss transformation. We met three years ago when my (then) only child was just six months old! She came here from Hawaii with her former boyfriend (and my husband’s best man!).

She is an example of a single, working mother who is more statuestuque and curvaceous than the other weight loss stories you read about. She gained 75lbs on her 5-foot-9 frame when she gave birth naturally to a daughter 9 years ago. She took her time with weight loss (obviously) because she not only nursed for two years, but also went to school full time. She started seriously training this past August and now weighs 146lbs.

Daily Routine:

Since she is a single mom, her schedule is nothing short of HECTIC!
430am: drop off daughter at daycare  by 530am
600- 300pm: work

330pm-500pm: workout
530: pick up daughter
600: cook, finish homework, shower and bed no later than 8pm
900: personal time
On weekends it’s errands and gym/run one day and the other is laundry day & quality time.


Weekly Workout:
I incorporate a wide range of exercises including weights, cardio, plyometrics & body weight oriented.

M, W & F workout solo in gym.

T & Th with a trainer in gym.

Sat or Sun either solo in gym or neighborhood park 5-8mile while my daughter, Leanna, plays in my sight.

Daily Diet:
She 630am: 4egg whites & 1/4 cup oatmeal

Women’s multi vitamin & Fish oil

930am: Greek yogurt w/ blueberries

1200pm: chicken breast, brown rice & spinach

Fish oil

Pre-workout: 1/4 scoop About Time Protein shake

Post workout: 3/4 scoop About Time Protein shake with BCAA

630pm: Sashimi (raw fish) w/ ginger & grilled veggies

About 1600-1800 caloric intake

Anastasia is currently running to be on the cover of Fitness magazine! How amazing would it to be a single, working mom from normal background (and some tattoos!) to become a national face of fitness?! Please vote for her by clicking here (this is the last day to vote, December 2nd).

Good job Anastasia! I’m so proud of you!

Support Anastasia by voting for her image here!

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  • Reply Catriona December 9, 2012 at 7:09 am

    Wow. I am at the start of my journey and I take great interest in other people’s success stories. It motivates me immensely and makes me see that with some changes to my lifestyle and daily routine, I too can fit in exercise. Thanks for the great story. 🙂

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