Becoming passionately challenged.

July 14, 2011

July 13, 2011

I’ve been feeling incredibly restless lately. My stepdaughters left last week and since then it feels like a tornado swept through our lives for a month and then suddenly left. While visiting I hosted two pool parties, two birthday parties and helped organize white water rafting, bowling and more. Every day the house was a busy wreck where I was constantly packing bags, going through to do lists and rushing out the house to make it tardily to an event.  The entire time I wished for endless sleep where I could wake up and have a minimized schedule. Now that they’ve been gone for exactly a week I’m beginning to not only miss them, but also the fast-paced lifestyle my body was accustomed to.

It seems I’m busy most of the time. When I was a young girl, I made lists of things to do each day so I maintained a demanding schedule.  I relish immediate timelines as I find myself more efficient when I have ten things to do versus just five. In my life observations, people need to be challenged in order to grow – that means trying to meet timelines, hitting daily goals and creating new trials to complete the following day. That’s why having a longer to do list and a more hectic lifestyle suits my competitive personality.

I detest complacency.

In a similar example, when I train with other women, I’ve found that many don’t perform a dumb bell, flat bench press to their capacity. They often use 10lb dumb bells and wobbly move through their range of motion. People who don’t challenge themselves usually lack balance, control and focus. Additionally, they also waste their time, become injured or lack physical progress. It’s amazing how much better my female training partners perform when I add 5-10lbs to their routine strength workout. While they are initially nervous and uncertain it’s exhilarating to watch them move passed their mental barrier and become stronger because they were adequately challenged.

There is a fine line when you examine your daily life performance and ask if you are truly meeting your capabilities plus a little more…

I’ve had to take many steps back in my life and ask myself if what I was doing was productive or progressive.

Today, I am becoming restless with the projects I continue to build, the constant programs I think of creating and the endless tasks that never dissipate.  I feel complacent sometimes bored often times anxious.

Tomorrow I don’t want to wake and know exactly how my day will unfold. I don’t want to write the same grant plan, the same event and get stressed with the same tasks.

I’m yearning to become really challenged. Not busy challenged but passionately challenged.

I don’t want to move through my life just operating…. just like I don’t want to be that’ person performing 5lb dumb bell curls forty times in a row and never seeing my bicep peak.

It takes deep reflection, constant criticism, and extreme focus to challenge yourself daily. It takes continuous passion to keep internally trekking so you can develop into more than you were yesterday….so you can be who you want to become tomorrow.

It’s a challenge – but I want to become “that” person who materializes dreams.

I wanted to buy Steph a book for her Bachelorette party but

I couldn’t get myself to buy anything really ‘raunchy.’ So I settled with

“Vitamin O” and I told her that I’m always looking out for her health! LOL

She loved it!


Luau-themed Bachelorette party Part two.

They eloped in Hawaii – that’s why everything is Luau-themed!

My little guy was NOT scared of fire on the Fourth of July.
That kind of makes me nervous.

We took family portraits – and man were they
hard to keep still!!!

Us – 2011