Are you Born Fit?

July 30, 2012

Are people born into Fitness? No. According to studies, some children are more susceptible to weight gain, especially if they have overweight parents and definitely if the mother gains too much weight while pregnant.

Let’s take genetics aside. Is Fitness still equal? After all, some people are more built for athletic achievement than others…

My best friend (bless her heart) made the interesting comment the other day that her fiancee noted that I had always been ‘into fitness’, which made it ‘easier’ for me to lose weight. Since she has seen me grow in over fifteen years, she has witness me bring the same healthy lunch to school each day, talk about a recent diet or try a new exercise for my abs. So, naturally, it would seem that if I was like that fifteen years ago, those habits would’ve influenced the ‘naturally fit’ person I am today.

Not so fast sister!

What initially triggered my passion for fitness was a genetic disposition to gain weight because my mother was overweight. I witnessed firsthand how weight gain can influence a person’s health, self confidence and physical abilities. I knew at a very young age that if I didn’t watch myself, then I would become what I FEARED….which was unhealthy and overweight.

People are motivated by TWO things: pain or pleasure.

Some people lose weight because they fear getting diabetes, having a heart attack or being in a swimsuit at the beach. Some people lose weight because they want the satisfaction of looking great at their wedding or finishing a half marathon.

What makes someone fit is not so much their habits – but what mentality FUELED their habits.

This is why I focus so much on your MOTIVATION to get fit, versus providing the tools to get fit. Rarely do I write about workouts, recipes or diets. Maybe I will in the future. But right now I’m so fixated on the fact that you need to BUILD THE RIGHT MENTALITY if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

If you are saying someone is fit because ‘they were always fit’, then you don’t have the right mentality. You are doing what 75% of Americans do when they are out of shape….

They make an excuse.

My mother was overweight. I grew up eating fast food. I never played a sport. I struggled with Bulimia. I was 30 pounds overweight for over three years after my Bulimia recovery. I had three kids in three years. I have a job and several contracting jobs and yet….

I’m still ‘the exception’?

No – you either choose to be fit or you don’t. I’m sure someone who successful in any field will tell you that they weren’t born that way. They developed their habits – and sure, as you train yourself you get better over time, but I’ve also seen people who have completely fallen off path. Consider the wallstreet guy who lost in the stockmarket and never recovered. How about the high school football player who grew up to be overweight and inactive? What about that cheerleader in high school who had three kids in three years?

Well – that cheerleader was me and against the odds, I managed to lose weight and still make it a priority despite the inflow of priorities that come into my life every day.

So back to the original question….are people born into fitness?


God gave us the gift of free will. You have a choice every day to be the best person you know you can become. The key to that former sentence is, “…KNOW YOU can become.” You have to be the captain of your own ship and choose a destination that you believe you can achieve. You must first believe.

In order to believe you must leave behind thoughts of failure and most of all, excuses.

We all have them, but those who achieve, are those who persist.

Maria Kang (me!) at 4 years old

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