a years of Thanks

November 25, 2009


November 24, 2009


It’s midnight and I just came home from the hospital.  Every night this past week has been shared with my mother in her hospital room. Last week she was re-admitted due to abnormal lab tests. After treating her for a week, they found another indication that her body is rejecting the new kidney. So instead of coming home, she will be in the hospital for the next couple weeks undergoing more treatment.


It’s been a very stressful time for my family. Besides personal problems, last week was probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. I had two articles due. I was planning for a large field trip on Saturday. I had appointments, meeting obligations, friends in town and
added care home responsibility (we have five) since my mother was sick and my youngest sister was away on vacation. I began each day at 6am and moved nonstop until around 11pm every night. It was a tough week.


Tonight, as I lay next to my mom in her hospital bed, I cuddled up against her warm body, inhaled the peaceful scent of her skin and held her soft hand.  Being next to her still feels like it did when I was a little girl…the stillness, the safety and the serenity…she always seemed to have a magical healing power.  Just her presence brings happiness, light and joy to the room. Even as she lay in bed sick, tired and fatigued, she still has an invincible power that provides protection, peace and passion.


I love her so much.


Now that I am a mother, I know Christian feels the same way when he embraces me every morning, snuggles into my chest every night and smiles brightly when I walk into the room. I hope one day my sons will be as devoted as I am to my mother


This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. This year, I am thankful for:


1. The birth of Christian on January 8, 2009. Our first son…he’s so active. He’s the happiest
baby I’ve ever met. He loves playing ball, reading books and horsing around with his dad.


2. My mother’s successful surgery. While she is having complications, she is still alive and I’m so thankful for her presence today.


3. The opportunity to execute the first Tri(y!) Fitness program with a 50k grant at a middle school. Being able to positively influence students with an abundance of resources has been an awesome blessing.


4. The discovery of our second pregnancy. We found out we will be having another son! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am having a great experience so far.


5. The ability to travel to Mississippi, Washington D.C., New York, Puerto Rico and several
Caribbean islands. I’ve always loved to travel and it means so much to be able to continue my passions while raising a young family.


6. My family. Last year it was just David and I. This year, it’s Daddy, Mommy, Christian and our new son arriving in April. We work well together as a team, seeing David as a husband and father has brought a newfound respect and love for him.


7. Our health. Besides avoiding sickness, I am especially grateful I was able to drop my pregnancy weight fast. It seems superficial but it is a worry for many women. I feel really blessed to be able to attain an awesome physique months after delivering.


8.The business project I am currently involved in.


9. The media exposure received from local newspapers for my mom-me fit club, as well as my workout spread (shot 10 weeks after giving birth) in Max magazine.


10. My life. I thank God my mother gave birth to me 29 years ago. I am thankful for 29 years of a life lived with genuine love, extreme passion and a pulsating desire to live an authentic life. I am thankful for the ability to make use of my life to make a difference in someone
else’s life.


Thank you for reading. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.


Journal Pictures: November 23, 2009

We had a cooking class for our Tri(y!) Falcons-4-Fitness program.
It was awesome! Both parents and students attended. We cooked
cauliflower mashed potatoes, banana roll ups and bean salad.

We divided into groups and had them go through stations.
Here I am explaining how potatoes lose their nutritional value as
it becomes
processed into fries, hash browns and potato chips.

Christian took his first steps on November 20th at 10.5 weeks!

Now he walks all the time! He even rolls the ball
back and forth with David.

After the mommy fit club. We have new mommies every week!
I love being a mom.

My mother was admitted to the hospital again last week.
She is dealing with mild rejections from the kidney transplant, It’s
very hard for the entire family. I visit her for hours every day.

I surprised her this evening and brought little Christian.
She was so happy. He always brings her spirits up.