A special message from above.

February 14, 2019

The other night I read an entry written years ago when I would go to sleep crying each night during our marital separation. At the time I was prayerful, still trying to hold onto but also cut that last bit of hope – because I was feeling pain, resentment and anger. I recall going to sleep with moistened eyes having expelled a lot of effort in my sadness and surrendering what was left of my faith...

While asleep I heard a clear message that would change my perspective. It was loud and clear as day. It said,

“Now you know how David feels.”

I was shocked.

I knew my husband was also hurt. I knew his definition of love and the loss he experienced as a child affected him in ways I couldn’t understand. I knew he did things impulsively – out of a need for love or reaction because of the lack of it. I knew but I didn’t know…

Until I felt it in the essence of my energy, an energy that has coupled with his for the last decade and could feel, sense and resonate with his thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Hurt people, Hurt People.

I saw my contribution to our joint pain and while I wanted to play the blame game, I knew I was positioned in his life for a reason and he in mine…

They often say, you hurt the people you love the most. It’s true. The people you love are invested in you. They are vulnerable to you. They care about you.

When you care for others, you give Love. The amount you love is in direct proportion to how much pain that person, place or thing will cause you. It’s a gamble and a risk. Love is a tragedy – after all, we will all lose the things we love.

But still, choose Love.

Loved people, Love People.

Lead with love. Be inspired by love. Live in Love, knowing that while it all will end one day, it is better to have loved, than to not have felt joy, pain, happiness, sadness, desire, LOVE …at all.


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