2022 Intentions

January 11, 2022

My Ten Intentions for 2022:

1) Grow my hair. I miss french braids, wavy curls and I think I look younger.I want to go back to my roots (literally!)

2) Speaking of age…I will be 42 this year! A big focus is anti-aging. I love consistent facial treatments and I like trying dift products helping with wrinkles, dark spots and under eye circles. I didn’t start wearing moisturizer until my late thirties so I have a lot of catch-up.

3) My goal is to meditate 30-60 mins daily. This practice has changed my life. The longer the better. Use a guided app – I’ve used Calm and Deepak Chopra’s in the past.I want to seek stillness.

4) I run multiple businesses and I need to focus on what I’m good at, delegate what I’m not good at and let go of all things that drain me.I want to let go.

5) Write daily. My first poem was published in 1991, I started blogging on mariakang.com in 2005 and I published a book in 2015. Writing is life to me and since becoming a mom and busy business lady, I’ve had no time and have not made it a priority. I miss me.

6) Transition. In order to grow, I must accept discomfort (even more!) I made a pact that this decade will look very different from the last. There are many things I’m passionate about and I need to use my innate gifts for the common good.

7) Connect with others. I have felt super lonely most of my life and I want to continue resonating more with like-minded souls. Focus on quality conversations with my family and friends.

8) Cook more, esp veggies and more often with the kids. I feel lighter, happier and healthier when I add more raw foods to my diet.

9) Sleep minimum 6.5hrs, wake at 440/5am, Fast 8pm-noon, Perform yoga, strength training, running, spinning 1-2 times a week (exercise 5-6 days a week).

10) Be more present. Become an observer and student of myself. * I took this pic after training just for 20 mins to finish today’s to do list off. The very last thing I had was to post.

I’ve been MIA the last three months and most often I’m uninspired…but like most things, Discipline made me Do It.

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