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August 8, 2007

August 7, 2007

Saturday night I fell asleep laying on my stomach with my head buried in one of the 20 books
sprawled throughout my bed.  Ive been in information mode lately
especially since I’m venturing into new territories and am trying to
prepare myself for the journey ahead.

I am living in a winter, absorption season right  for my
internal spring to bear fruits in the upcoming months.
total being is based upon seasons: seasons in our days, our weeks, our
projects, our relationships, our work, our workouts our lives.all
rise, reach a peak and then decline.

There are moments when we grow, we ripe and we rot

Everything in life comes full circle in the divine seasons of our lives. Every single thought we give birth to as an idea in this world, will be
manifested as a physical matter and die as a symbol.  People we love, places we’ve been, objects we value are symbolic because you or many conceived of its worth.

I was given flowers the other day from a special man whose conceived love
was symbolic in the present he gave me one Friday morning.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a man in his seventies at the gym.
He is of Middle Eastern descent and speaks little English. I had smiled
and said hello to him before, but in general, I try vigorously not to
seem too approachable because it opens many doors of communication
(when I am there to focus and train).

One day, as I was performing cardio, he asked if he could take me to lunch.
Naturally, I wasn’t too fond of the question considering most men
regardless of age hit on me. I declined…said I was often busy… But
after he mentioned he was trying to learn English and just wanted
conversation to help him practice, I finally agreed to meet for coffee
after my workout one day

So that one day finally rolls around after he catches me at the gym again
a week later and I promise to meet him the upcoming Friday. I have to
tell you: I wasn’t excited. I was mad at myself for being too nice, for
smiling too much and for always seeking good in situations.

The fact was: I didn’t know his true intentions, I didn’t know why he
chose me and ultimately, I am a full fledged commitment-phobic
especially when it comes to engagements. My heart was creating a natural resistance but instead of battling it, I allowed it to just flow.

I thought about trusting my energies about showing and servicing others through  love and utilizing my spiritual gifts.

That day was a very special day.
I learned that he was from Iran, that he had graduated with 2 masters
and lived in Germany for many years. I learned that he hardly speaks to
anyone and was now living with his widowed daughter who works 2 jobs
and has 1 young son. I learned that his wife of 50+ years died last
year and that he was learning English to become a citizen. I also
learned that he chose to befriend me because I had a peaceful and
loving presence and that he knew he could reach out to me while others
often avoided his existence in the gym environment.

I felt elated. I felt at peace and by following my instinct, I knew
there were reasons why I was presented this internal challenge.

Last Friday he gave me flowers from his garden. He spends much of his time
by himself and admitted that our meetings were his week highlights. I
usually don’t like receiving flowers because of a variety of reasons:
commercialism, false symbols of affection, the short period of time it
lives Yet the flowers he gave me were as sincere and as alive
as the eyes that stared back at me when he transmitted the emotion of
gratitude he felt in his heart.

I learned from this experience…while I read books, attend lectures and
consume information everywhere, no greater truth is discovered than the simple lesson found in the eyes of a spirit that has lived.

We all seek mentors in our field of business. We seek wisdom from those
who have traveled the road before us. Yet there is no mentor like the
elderly friend beside you…for they have experienced many years of
life. It is important to remember that one day we will all go down the
route of mortality just as they…

And while the flowers have witheredwhile our meetings will one day pass and our physical bodies will one day die

While this site will one day close and the projects, people and places in our personal lives will one day end.the idea manifested in the spiritual exchange we all feel in everything we interact with will never, ever die.

Journal Pictures: August 7, 2007

This gift – is priceless.

Last soccer game of the season (this is last week’s picture. I slept in Saturday morning)

Thought this was a cute picture ….I have pedicured my toe nails since 3rd grade. You will never see me with ugly feet.

is a terrible shot – but I thought it would be funny to post. (since I
usually have book shelves) I have literally hundreds of books in
storage, and since moving to Sacramento late last year, I accumulated a
ton more. Here are some of the books I’ve added to my collection since
the move.

These are two journals I carry EVERYWHERE. The little brown one is my
‘diet book’, in which I write everything I eat down. The blue binder
are my list of projects and updates on all of them.

This dog is a handful. Do not be fooled by his cute little nose. He
begs for food, barks at dogs and is incredibly over-protective.

My dear friend Joshua was in town from San Diego! We went book shopping together!