true test of commitment

July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

Yesterday I just created our wedding brochures (for out of town visitors) and our announcement
magnets to send to family and friends for our nuptials next year.  I also just finished a mini-grant application for Fitness without Borders
10 minutes ago. Today has been an extremely efficient day filled with
visiting the care home I supervise, swimming with my niece and nephew,
answering all my emails and spending some time with my mother. My goal
for the rest of the week is to get my visa for an India trip this
September, judge the National American Miss pageant, submit my grant application, mail out letters, prepare our HS Fitness
clubs curriculum, shop for my weekend outfits and create the activities
calendar and records for the care home.

It sounds crazy but its doable! I actually work more efficiently with an excess of things to do versus
too little tasks. My only challenge is the exhaustion I feel because of
my pregnancy.
Since I’m in my second trimester, I definitely
have more energy than in my first few months, but I still find myself
needing more naps and becoming sore more easily.

Now that my sisters wedding has passed, I was hoping life would slow
down a bit but there’s so much to do! Especially with the baby on its
way and the wedding fast approaching next year.  With
all the different challenges shooting my way, Im trying to not lose
focus on my passion for working out, building the nonprofit and writing
on my daily fitness blog site, Fitness Cure.

While its challenging, my goals are simple baby steps every day: as
long as I put one thing in each goal bucket, I know I’m progressing.
Doing something little each day is all I need to focus on.

In fact, my screen saver features Lao Tzus quote: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Its not easy to stay on track when there are different things distracting me every day
I have found that reminding myself of my personal intentions each
morning is the most effective strategy to keep me focused. Its
easy to forget why we are performing an action when we presently don’t
care too much for it at that moment this lack of consistent passion
for a person/place/thing occurs with people we love, jobs we enjoy,
things we do…everything will have its changing importance in the
seasons of our lives.
To combat this lack of motivation, one
of the most important things Ive learned in business and goal setting
thus far in my life, is the significant role Consistency plays in our

Whatever you do do it each day. Don’t stop, even when you’re tired. Its easy to love
something when you want to; the true test of commitment is still loving
it when you don’t want to.

As I worked through my tasks today and the rest of the week like a
robot, I know that the program Ive set is already on pilot, there’s no
turning back and there are no other options.

If you would like to follow me on my fitness journey while pregnant, you can subscribe to my pregnancy blog >> HERE.

Have a great week!

Journal Pictures July 29, 2008

On Saturday we went biking around Old Town Auburn, CA. Then cooled off at the American River.

The water was so cold! But so amazing on that hot day. My belly isn’t
getting big yet but there’s a baby in there!

This is my “stop taking my picture” face.

Love you!

Happy Birthday Uncle Eddie-o!! I love him so much

Today I had lunch with my roomates in college, Phan and Christine.
They are the most genuine, kind and awesomest people I know.

Our Magnet!

LOVE this brochure I created. (I blacked out my number) We incorporated
CA attractions, accommodation websites/numbers and our top favorite
places to visit. That’s the church we’ll be marrying in!

This is the inside area…I place pics of us plus CA facts!