the universe within.

September 5, 2005

September 4, 2005

I finally visited an exhibit here in San Francisco called, “The Universe Within.” T
his exhibit exposes the human organism in a captivating yet disturbing manner: I saw preserved, human bodies intact, without skin. I saw each muscle, each bone, each organ…I saw how the nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive system operated. I saw bodies split into saggital, frontal and horizontal planes. Bodies were positioned riding a bike, shopping in heels, throwing a baseball…the most disturbing display was a standing human body holding a hanger of his own skin with hair still on it.

So here I was, standing next to a plastinated human body, realizing that “Oh my God, this is me.” Underneath my skin, there was a world of cells living, dying and forming every second…Underneath my skin, internal life miracles were taking place…Underneath my skin, existed a powerful machine that no scientist could ever re-create. In a moment of forced humility, I realized that I didn’t make me: something else made me…and the soul that permeates and lives inside of me exceeds the concentration of cells in the body people see today.

As some of you know, I read, write and study a lot. In the last year I’ve been captivated by the maths and sciences. What is interesting: is that studying hard sciences hasn’t decreased my level of spirituality, it has in fact, increased it. One of my most revealing studies includes the scientific exploration of the smallest element on earth: the atom. Inside an atom exists a nucleus housing electrons, protons and neutrons, but what I find interesting is that these elements only take up 5% of the atom’s space. There is still 95% space left, space in which scientists have termed ‘dark matter.’ I personally would like to re-name that term ‘light matter’… After all, humans need light to live. I’ve always strongly stood by my premise that Light/Love is what keeps a living organism alive.

If all stands true: then who we are as beings is only 5% physical and 95% spiritual: which is why our vitality and inner strength is not determined by age, but by how much we are aware and engaged with our human spirit.
Inside what we and others can physically see exists a spirit larger than any scientist can measure, understand or capture. This miraculous spirit not only has the power to concentrate millions of cells into a single working organism called the human body, but it can also transform the physical world by directing its mind to construct its body to generate positive, physical actions.

There is a Compelling Integration of how our Mind, Body and Spirit Operates. If any of this resonates with you, I strongly suggest you also research the works of famous mathematicians and scientists, including one of my favorites, Albert Einstein, a scientist who showed evidence of a higher level of spirituality than any priest I’ve met.
Today I am leaving for Hawaii!!! I can’t wait to swim with the fishies and walk on hard lava! I hope all of you have a great Holiday Weekend!