The game of Intention

April 1, 2008

April 1, 2008

I am doing a lot of mental edits in my head as I write this
I know that Ive been focusing  a lot on building the nonprofit, being
sick and focusing on faith lately.  It seems like there is a lot going
on a lot of possibilities, a lot of people and a lot of places I need
to research, meet or attend to. I’m not stressed, nor am I anxious

I’m just trying to focus on whats in front of me right now…today…at this moment.

The ability to focus and complete short term goals with swift action
and efficient result has been the leading leverage I have over most
people who attempt things in life and become overwhelmed.
 Of course, mulling over the big, hairy, audacious goal will create fear, anxiety and stress. However, when
you look at what you can do right now, today…then you can focus your
efforts towards a flowed state of mind in which you are able to
complete short term goals all goals leading up to the one big one.

Last week I had a huge grant deadline, this week I have 2.

Tomorrow I have a fundraising meeting, but today I will have a board meeting.

When I get to the gym in 30 minutes, I plan on training chest/shoulders
, completing a good 45 minutes of cardio and stretching my muscles so
that I’m limber, flexible and relaxed.  Whenever I’m on the gym floor
or sweating on a stair climber, I think about what I’m working, how I’m
feeling…most importantly, I ask myself: what is my intention? When I
start envisioning my sisters July wedding, my favorite pair of seven
jeans or being a good example to my friends and readers…it makes me train harder and absorb a moment in time, a time in which I can never-ever  recreate the opportunity…to burn calories, build muscles and refine my physique on April 1st at  11:30am.

Every day I ask myself: What is my intention?

Intention is a specific action manifested from a purposeful thought. 

its a small word, its a big idea. For only a small percentage of
people are aware of whom they are and why they do the things they do.

Designing ones life finding purpose and creating proceeding actions
stemming from real and sincere motives is game of life.

This might not be everyones game but this is my game.

Have a good week everyone, I need to go play and win today. 


Journal Pictures: April 1, 2008

At “The Wiggles” on Thursday. It was so cute! They sang a lot of fitness and nutrition songs!

After the “Nutrition Fuels Fitness Run for kids” at Elk Grove Park Sunday morning.

David was soooo good with the ducks – here he is feeding a goose.