July 21, 2010

July 20, 2010

I feel terrible for not updating this site on a regular basis. After all, I’m a very routine-type-of person and I hate it when I miss a church mass, a workout, a deadline or a meal.  When things start to spiral out of control I start to notice all things imperfect

When I drive I get irritated by water spots on my car, when my gas tank is close to empty or when there are crumbs in the back seat. As I’m sitting at my desk, I’m getting annoyed looking at the stack of papers to my left, the various pens on my right and the little space I have available to type and place my phone and water bottle.  

Last week  I was with Christian and Nicholas for over a week without David as he was out of town. Every day I managed tending to our sons without much assistance.  I couldn’t go to the gym regularly, my meals were sporadic and my work was compromised because of my limited attention span. It wasn’t until the day before he returned that I actually felt accomplished enough to relax in front of the television after they fell asleep.

There were days I didn’t want to work out or eat well but I did. On Thursday last week, I dropped the babies to my mother and complained of how sleep deprived and tired I was. She then said, then why are you going to workout? Just give yourself a break if you are tired. My reply? If I don’t workout I will be more pissed off because I won’t have completed a staple in my daily routine. And so I went and I felt good afterwards.

Every day I try to provide a stable routine for my boys, for myself and for all those I work with. Having a routine is essential in creating an environment that promotes growth. When I am in a weight loss mode, I ensure my body is transformed to a fat burning machine, in which I eat, train, sleep and digest all at the same time each day. When I am in goal-oriented mode, I wake, write my lists, and work all day until my list is complete. Having a routine creates mental expectations.

So it’s been hard these last couple weeks I haven’t been in my groove I haven’t had deep reflections if there is an opportunity to sleep I do.

That is why I haven’t been updating.

But even though I’ve missed a week, or twoyou’ll never see me miss me three weeks. Just like I would never go more than 3 days without working out or 3 hours without eating.  When I’m on my A game this site is completed every Monday, I wake up and train at 6am every day (except Saturday) and I’m eating 5 small meals throughout my day while executing work goals on hour and on deadline.

I may get off track here and there’ but I’m always on routine, even when I’m off. 

Journal Pictures July 18, 2010

At the California State Fair. There are only two things
Christian will recognize….Buzz Lightyear and…


Swimming with Nicholas and Sadie! Isn’t she cute!!?!

Mom-ME! Club Pool Party on Sunday! It was so much fun.
I feel like I live in a bikini though!

13 weeks after getting my 2nd baby out of my tummy.

Our little humans are growing up!!

He loved the watermelon – this was his first real food!

this was his FIRST time eating watermelon!! awwww – he was only three months here.

We went swimming AGAIN today. I love his tube shirt!