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April 19, 2009

April 19, 2009

When I was in sixth grade, our class participated in an aerobics routine to the music, Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.  Our classmate, Jason, had a mother who volunteered as our aerobics instructor for a period of 4 months.
From that moment, I relished every opportunity our class had to workout’. I fondly remember exercising in the front row with a
one-piece body suit, spandex and a head band. At only 11 years old, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about coordination, flexibility and

If I had the opportunity to meet Jason’s mom again, I would tell her what an influence she’s made in my life…how each time I train at my dance class is a ripple effect from the first time I learned about aerobic exercise through her.

This past week Fitness without Borders has attended a couple great events for kids. At our booth, we host push up, hula hoop and jumping rope contests. The kids not only learn how to perform proper exercises, but they also learn how to enjoy exercise in a fun, yet competitive environment.  My greatest hope, is that one day they too will remember the small but
significant moment when they were motivated to workout by a group of adults who encouraged and educated them.

We will never know the influence we make in the lives of others.

Our internal energy produces a positive and negative effect in everything we tell, touch and type. Inside each one of our bodies exist a timeless soul…a soul that dictates the physical actions we perform every day.  Every act we perform, every object we create, is manifested from the source found within.

The more you recognize the giant within you, the more you will influence the world around you.  I have discovered my giant and my greatness in the act of serving others.

The act of service is an act that promotes love, encourages growth and elevates positive energy.
When you are able to service without hope of are experiencing an abundant force that will not only define your spirit
but eventually also determine your destiny.  

When I was 11 years old, I learned more about myself through the service of a student’s mother. And Today….I’ve taken her gift and am now passing it on.

Journal Pictures: April 20, 2009

At a Health Fair for kids on Saturday morning. David hates it
when I book engagements on weekend mornings! LOL

Our fun Fitness without Borders booth! We always have the fun-nest booth!

Kids AND parents got active with us!
Do you want to be a fit mommy or raise a fit kid? Click here.

Little man loved the hot weather!

Check out my sunburn! WOW! We weren’t expecting the heat that day.

We had a dinner date later that day with Ana and Sev!
They brought their son William – check out the comparisons!

Kids Day at the Capitol 2009!

Stephanie is working the booth

Students and their teacher competing during the relay.

David was clocking in their times.

Adrian was warming the kids up.

Jimmy didn’t get the best score, but he kept trying…I was so proud of him!