Opportunity Costs.

August 29, 2006

August 29, 2006 


Just made the midnight deadline to begin writing this! Monday is officially over soon (Even though everyday seems like the same day to

Believe it or not, but I just finished an intense run 15 minutes ago. While I knew it was late, I stayed committed to follow through on a plan I made to perform Cardio 2x/day at least four times this week. Even though it was 11pm when I began running, I ran the most intense than I ever had in these last few months. My heart was pounding, my body was sweating and my muscles felt tighter than they have been for months!

This entire day I’ve been going non-stop – and after I finalized the final preparations on a marketing presentation tomorrow, I felt so elated to have hit every goal I wanted today: except for one: that last cardio session!

What I have found to be the most rewarding in my daily routine, is being so involved intensely in a project: whether it be physically training, writing a newsletter, creating a presentation, meeting new people and
life seems timeless.  The world becomes minuscule- and the challenge of the ‘moment’ overtakes your psyche.

Lately, I’ve also loved sleeping. When I sleep I give my brain a break – because the moment I wake up, my ego starts to implant everything that needed to get done. Not only does my brain start telling me all the things I ‘need’ to do, but it also starts the cycle of ‘negative’ thinking – thoughts that I battle every day. Like any human, I yearn to have dreams realized sooner, I worry about the future, and I regret things in the past – most of all, I don’t give credit to the present, for my mind is most often ‘somewhere’ else.

Today I was ‘present’ – in running late tonight I knew that while I trained this morning and will do so the next morning, once ‘this day and moment’ has passed, my opportunity to make a difference, create a wave and a ripple effect of change would’ve also passed. I also figured that I would either browse ‘my space’ for 20 minutes or I could get moving. I chose the latter.

It’s important to think about ‘opportunity costs’, ‘following through’ and ‘living in the present moment.’ When you do these things, your life has no other choice but to shift in the direction you are guiding it

Have a great week and Labor Day Weekend!