one step closer

February 28, 2006

February 27, 2006

I just got home from a dinner with my good friend Mark Sackett and Im nibbling on some peanut butter! This past week Ive been doing a lot of celebrating, dancing, planning and meeting people. My good friends Barbara Pochop, Betty Hsu and Minji Wong all celebrated birthdays in the month of February. Ive been fortunate to make some loyal and beautiful friends in the last few years, and it was an honor to celebrate a day filled with many blessings on their special day.

Recently, I also wrote a new article about inspiring your mate to get in shape: The most important things I mention in this article, is being able to create goals, facilitate new habits and generate results by providing the tools, support and motivation to keep someone you love focused in his/her new challenge.

In many ways, this article is also a testament to my life and the friends I hope to always be surrounded with. These people are those who allow me to make personal decisions that are positive and progressive. Not only do they hold me accountable and provide the support in completing my target goals, but most importantly, they never give up on me. They never pushed me away, never lost hope, never gave less, or never gave too much. Most importantly, they never stopped asking questions. When people stop asking questions, stop wondering how you are doing, what you are doing, why you are doing it…that is when the caring stops…that’s when the interest stops…that’s when you begin to give up and another endeavor stops in its tracks.


Those who know me…know I ask a lot of questions…I ask questions because I’m curious, because I care, because I’m interested and most importantly, because in order for me to know you, understand you, and comprehend what you need from me…then I need to you to tell me what you need. When I stop asking the questions, when people stop asking me the questions…that’s when I know the end is near.

The desire to never reach an ending has kept me focused when I wanted to pull out my white flag. In the past, I have wished I had the heart to give up on my friends, my family, my relationships, my workouts, my ambitions, but I don’t. I don’t because I know that as long as I exist, the desire to become something or achieve something was already made into a small reality inside my head. As long as I existed, I would live with the thirst for that greater hopeso it is not a matter of if but when I will finally work towards completing this goal or that goal-I know that I will either live each day in denial, or die trying to complete it.

Dying to be your best and living each day to its maximal potential is personally reminded to me every time I wake up and see the sign on my bathroom that posts: Every Day is a New Battle.

Every day is a new battle and every day we are one step closer to becoming the person we were supposed to become. I know that as each minute passes, as every day, every year, every birth day passes, we are all one step closer. There is a greater symbolism behind the small and big acts we perform on a daily basis and I know that consistently coming to full completion is a small daily act that will complete the one big act in this story book called my life.