my life partner

October 20, 2010

October 19, 2010

On Saturday, David and I attended Pre-Cana, a pre-marital consultation mandated by the Catholic Church.  We spent hours discussing our views on work, money and children. They asked conflicting questions such as befriending someone of the opposite sex to the husband’s view of making less money than his wife. It was interesting to see the opposing stances of the other twenty or so couples in the room, but what was most interesting was realizing that David and I were much solidified in the type of family, marriage and home we intended on building.

At the end of the day they asked us to close our eyes and hold each other’s hand. They asked us to imagine ourselves standing at the altar on the day we perform the Sacrament of Marriage. With our eyes closed we were asked to imagine stating our vows; to love each other through good times and bad, to work through our adversities, through children, grandchildren, stretch marks, hair loss and eventual memory loss.  In that moment, I envisioned the life David and I shared today and the life we would continue to build, day after dayyear after year. Tears began to fill my closed eyes as I pictured David’s dark hair turning grey, my face developing wrinkles and our sons getting older.

I thought about living the rest of my life loving this man as my life partner.

There are many reasons why I love David, and it’s not just because of his humble background, his charming personality, his unending patience or his physical being. I love David because of how his eyes lights up when he plays with Nicholas or when I see him teaching Christian a new word. I love David when I wake up and he’s watching me sleep or when he laughingly tells jokes throughout the day.

I love David when there’s silence at night and I know it’s because he’s praying.

Our relationship isn’t perfect but as we laughed throughout the Pre-Cana, agreed on all the issues and socialized with new couples, I knew that we may have a tough relationship sometimes, but overall, we definitely have a great one.

When I opened my eyes as tears wet my lashes, a sweet sense of peace filtered through my mind, body and soul. In David’s arms I knew that we were okay that life would be okay and that with continuous prayer and reflection – I can trust him to be the husband God intends him to be in our marriage.

Journal Pictures October 19 2010

Volunteering at the First 5 Booth at Fairytale town last Saturday.
It was so much fun talking with mom’s and seeing tons of kids.

My little man! His shirt says, “1st Halloween” but of course, it’s his second!
(it was a gift!)

I hate shots. David captured my best moments. LOL
I didn’t know I had so many facial expressions!

Visiting with Sev and Ana on Sunday – here David is with Nicholas
chatting it up in the backyard. My little man was nearly six months in this pic!

Running Bleachers with Adrian at Sac City on a hot, hot Thursday afternoon.

Check out may tan I got in such a short period.

Out at “the Mix” with my soon-to-be husband

Me and Borina! I’ve been working on my back training twice a week!